10 Mistakes I Made With Fat Loss

As a Nutrition Coach People often think I’m going to tell them to cut out sugar, eat “good carbs” and only eat chicken breast. That’s never the case. I am a beer drinking, pizza eating & strawberry pencil consuming kind of guy. At DMF, we understand nutritional science and know how to deliver good quality […]

Sandra Won Member Of the Week

Stronger, Fitter and less pain! Sandra has been with DMF a few short months and last week deservedly won member of the week. She hit 3 Personal Bests, on a Squat, Deadlift and on Bench Press. Moving loads better even as a busy business owner (part time) and Police Officer full time! Here’s some words […]

The DMF: Evolve Guide to Fitness & Nutrition

RESULTS, FITNESS, NUTRITION AND THE DMF WAY   All of the people we have coached at some point in the last 4 years or so have had the mindset with training and nutrition of: “More is better” Training “Eat clean to be healthy” with nutrition Or they had to train as hard as they possibly […]

Health, nutrition, wellness and fitness tips

From the Coaches I’m 36 years old and more often than not I make silly decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, alcohol and life. However, despite this, I don’t chastise myself the small irrelevant mistakes. These are Going to the pub and watching sport and enjoying pints (multiple) – one of my favourite things […]

Coaches Healthy Tips

Here is a great mindset tip from Coach Kurtis “Make your bed in the morning…   Why?   Routine and consistency….   Start off doing something small, and do it each day. Then eventually, it will become a habit that you just do without thinking.   This sets the foundations for the day as well. […]

Becky is a qualified Nutritionist from Lincolnshire. She’s been an online DMF member for about 4 months now, and has come such a long way. Here’s a lovely piece she wrote on her Facebook page. “As a Nutritionist, I know A LOT about diet and exercise. Does this mean I find it easy to apply […]

Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Struggling to lose fat – wonder how we get such epic results? Here’s 5 tips on how we get such epic results, whilst teaching a sustainable diet and training regime.   1. Learn the values of food by tracking Boring and tedious? Maybe, but effective. For example: Calories in 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil = […]

Nutrition and Training 101

The next few months, we will be bringing to you over the coming weeks some epic informative posts to teach you everything you need to know about: Getting lean/shredded/smaller/bigger (ie losing weight, gaining muscle etc) Nutrition and all the important stuff you need to know Busting some myths Bringing some real science alongside with our […]

The Whole Herbalife/C9 cleanse/Juice Plus Stuff

    It’s a thing still. We’re still seeing Sue from Accounts selling this stuff. Yes, we dislike the people who sell it. They are conning people out of hard earned cash, in search of a quick fix. I myself have looked for quick fixes, in fact, I could probably do with one now as […]

Some recent good words from DMF members!

Since joining DMF I have received the most honest support I’ve ever had since I began serious fat loss and weight lifting 6 years ago. I have been shown patience, understanding and a genuine want to helping me, and expand my knowledge. It’s been an up and down journey so far but Dan has helped […]