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I’m 36 years old and more often than not I make silly decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, alcohol and life.

However, despite this, I don’t chastise myself the small irrelevant mistakes.

These are

  1. Going to the pub and watching sport and enjoying pints (multiple) – one of my favourite things to do
  2. Going out to eat somewhere, like taking my nephew aka The Boy for a McDonalds and bowling on a Friday after school
  3. Having a beer or 5 in the week
  4. Eating chocolate
  5. Having pizza

This all happens.

If I go to the pub with my mate (I only have 1 probably) then we’ll comfortably have 10 pints, maybe 8, but who remembers?

That’s a lot of calories.

Ultimately who cares?

Well, calories do matter.

I want to be in good nick.

I also want to drink pints and watch my football team make me miserable on the telly, and delight whilst my best mates football team revels in glory. (im an open guy)

“Can you have balance?”

I hear you cry.

Well if balance means getting shit faced and eating a doner kebab the next day and sitting in a nappy made of Egyptian Cotton Towels from Asda, probably not.

What’s my balance?

Well, my job means I move a metric fuck tonne.

If you don’t know what that means, its a lot.

25k steps at times – that’s triple or more the national active average (not all heroes wear capes eh)

What balance does absolutely mean is NOT choosing shit choices (which in themselves aren’t shit, but coupled with a shit lifestyle are probably a bit shit)

It means not eating crappy, or moving shite, or exercising poorly frequently, a weird balance of the three.

Most people think you have to train like Arnolds Steroid taking arsehole to get in shape, or you’ll end up looking like a mental man shaped woman if you do a bench press.

The stark truth is often we need to train less hard/often but more effective and less.



I imagine you’re saying that.

Well that’s fine, and hey carry on doing the inane shite that I wasted my time doing for years.

Ultimately, you’re waiting for a lightbulb moment, with nutrition and training and life to get used to.

I hope you get it soon, I was 31.

That was 5 years ago, I got in insane shape.

Am I there now?


However, now I own a gym, 2 businesses, have nearly 150 clients and I don’t care about abs (I do really, that’s a lie I just have fewer of them!!)


Things and priorities change.

I don’t need to be ripped, I just want less soreness in my hips and shoulders, but also want to look the best at the beach.

Fortunately this isn’t that difficult, we just often miss the point or are told the wrong stuff.

That’s why the internet fails us.


Ultimately that was a late night ramble from a middle aged dude in the 21st century.

If it helps one person I win 🙂

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