10 Mistakes I Made With Fat Loss

As a Nutrition Coach People often think I’m going to tell them to cut out sugar, eat “good carbs” and only eat chicken breast. That’s never the case. I am a beer drinking, pizza eating & strawberry pencil consuming kind of guy. At DMF, we understand nutritional science and know how to deliver good quality […]

The DMF: Evolve Guide to Fitness & Nutrition

RESULTS, FITNESS, NUTRITION AND THE DMF WAY   All of the people we have coached at some point in the last 4 years or so have had the mindset with training and nutrition of: “More is better” Training “Eat clean to be healthy” with nutrition Or they had to train as hard as they possibly […]

Health, nutrition, wellness and fitness tips

From the Coaches I’m 36 years old and more often than not I make silly decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, alcohol and life. However, despite this, I don’t chastise myself the small irrelevant mistakes. These are Going to the pub and watching sport and enjoying pints (multiple) – one of my favourite things […]

Coaches Healthy Tips

Here is a great mindset tip from Coach Kurtis “Make your bed in the morning…   Why?   Routine and consistency….   Start off doing something small, and do it each day. Then eventually, it will become a habit that you just do without thinking.   This sets the foundations for the day as well. […]