Here is a great mindset tip from Coach Kurtis

“Make your bed in the morning…




Routine and consistency….


Start off doing something small, and do it each day. Then eventually, it will become a habit that you just do without thinking.


This sets the foundations for the day as well. whilst it may seem small, it gets the day started with a job completed already. so when life gets in the way, like it always does when you have things such as offspring and pets, drive, etc. then when you get home, you know “well, at least I’ve done something today”…

Once you’ve got that nailed, watch the rest of your life start to fall in to place…


People start getting better results when they start to take control of their lives outside of the gym. creating habits that last, doing them consistently, safely, will set you on the right path….


Watch what happens to you and your happiness, with that little bit more control on the reigns of life.”


Here’s a picture of him with Stacey and Coach Dan’s mrs. Not taking life too seriously.

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