Struggling to lose fat – wonder how we get such epic results?

Here’s 5 tips on how we get such epic results, whilst teaching a sustainable diet and training regime.


1. Learn the values of food by tracking

Boring and tedious? Maybe, but effective.

For example:

Calories in 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil = 120kcals

Calories in 1 Teaspono of Olive Oil = 40kcals

That’s 80kcals saved by just switching spoons.

If you’re a 150lb woman, your starting calories, as long as you’re relatively active are going to be 1500kcals.

Understanding how much you’re putting in your mouth is quite important.

It’s easily done and most people (even nutrition coaches!) completely misjudge how much they are eating.

Learning the values of food is very important, but not completely necessary for everyone.

It’s not a one size fits all approach at DMF.


2. Weekend Calories Count

If you’re smashing a Domino’s Pizza each weekend and not losing fat, then, is it just the Domino’s Pizza?

Well that depends on your activity levels.

If you have a very sedentary job and you don’t make an effort to get that step count up, then you’re not going to get very much to play with in terms of food.

So, yes, a Domino’s Pizza, which depending on size, is EXTREMELY calorie dense, is probably not a great choice.

It’s not to say you absolutely cannot have one, but you’ll probably need to make adjustments elsewhere to allow for it.



3. One poor day with your diet does not define it

Most people probably need to tidy up their diets by eating a bit more fruit, veg and protein.

However, most people will have a small blip and the whole thing goes to pot.

Flip it round and allow yourself a BIT of what you want, just don’t have an all out slug fest in the kitchen with the contents of the fridge.

You need to eat 3500kcals ABOVE your daily maintenance calories to gain 1lb of fat.

That can be spread across the week, which could look like 1750kcals above your calories x 2 days, or 500kcals above your daily calories x 7 – but its still the same.

We all have momentary blips, just ensure you make them momentary and go right back to sensible eating.



4. Eat at Regular Meal Times

No, this does not impact fat loss directly, you can eat food whenever you like, despite what some guru’s tell you, eating after 6pm doesn’t make you gain fat.

Neither does carbs at night, or skipping breakfast.

You can only gain fat in a calorie surplus.

That’s a fact, it cannot be disputed.

However, what erratic meal patterns does do is impact your appetite.

Get control of your appetite and you can easily control your diet.

That’s where a lot of people go wrong.







5. Eat as much food as you can within your calories

I know right!

What on earth are we saying.

Well – actually its true.

What we are NOT saying is – eat as much crap as you want.

What we definitely ARE saying is:

Eat predominantly single ingredient whole foods

Make sure your meals have adequate protein and fibre in, for body composition, health and satiety

The bigger the portion size the better – pack your meals out with low calorie dense foods such as vegetables to improve fullness and keep calories lower over the course of the day





There you have it, 5 very simple tips, that can massively help you get where you want to be.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be super complicated, however most people think it does.

Simple changes can lead to great things. 🙂

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