The DMF: Evolve Guide to Fitness & Nutrition

RESULTS, FITNESS, NUTRITION AND THE DMF WAY   All of the people we have coached at some point in the last 4 years or so have had the mindset with training and nutrition of: “More is better” Training “Eat clean to be healthy” with nutrition Or they had to train as hard as they possibly […]

Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Struggling to lose fat – wonder how we get such epic results? Here’s 5 tips on how we get such epic results, whilst teaching a sustainable diet and training regime.   1. Learn the values of food by tracking Boring and tedious? Maybe, but effective. For example: Calories in 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil = […]

Part 2: Dietary Adherence and Appetite Management

Alcohol and Fat Loss – Do they even mix?! Well in part 1 we discussed stress, you can see part 1 here: Part 1 In part 2 we are going to discuss how alcohol can cause issues with fat loss. Now a lot of people understand that we don’t store alcohol as fat. That’s a good […]

The Dan Mitchell Fitness Guide To: Training for FAT LOSS

FAT LOSS – Hard isn’t it?! How long have you been trying to get in to that bikini girls? Or boys, how long have you honestly wanted that six pack? Honestly? I wanted it for ages (the bikini obviously). I read all the magazines. Men’s Health/Fitness. Girls you’ll read Cosmo and other girlie mags, that […]

#TeamDMF’s 10 Fat Loss Rules

Fat Loss Rules 1. Don’t diet. Learn how you’re meant to eat. Understanding nutrition is absolutely paramount to sustainability and a lean healthy physique that lasts not just for that beach holiday, but for a lifetime. 2. Don’t train too hard. Go hard or go home can do one. You need to train smart, learning […]

Are you ready to stop lying to yourself?

Are you ready to lose fat?! Everyone wants to be in shape. It’s 2015. Honestly. They do. People always say this and that, but ultimately, most people want to be in better shape, or at least the best shape they can be. Women want to look good on the beach in that bikini. Men want […]

Weight – how many times a day do you talk about it?

I lost 3lb last week And I gained it all back again. Was it fat? No, its water. I do weigh myself every week now, as I semi track most of my food, I need to ensure I’m on the right track with building muscle and not gaining too much fat. I check in the […]

Carbs in the morning and all that stuff

What’s best? I’ve never been particularly in tune with my body, which is surprising really as a PT who is in to Physique shows. I’ve always struggled to figure out what works best for me, how I feel after certain foods, what triggers me to eat certain things and if and when my guts don’t […]

Are You a Weight Warrior?

Are You a Weight Warrior?     We’ve all been there – you leap out of bed, in anticipation of your weekly weigh in, super sure that all the hard work you’ve put in over the last week is going to result in an epic weight loss.   Half with trepidation, half with excitement, you […]

My diet and training

HIIT it hard Over the last 10-12 weeks I’ve been dieting down and training for a physique competition called the Muscletalk UKBFF Championships. Why? Probably because unless I have a goal, my nutrition/training is never as good and I’ve never been happy with my body. Why am I writing this blog? Well a few people […]