Fat Loss Rules

1. Don’t diet. Learn how you’re meant to eat. Understanding nutrition is absolutely paramount to sustainability and a lean healthy physique that lasts not just for that beach holiday, but for a lifetime.

2. Don’t train too hard. Go hard or go home can do one. You need to train smart, learning when to rest is key to reduce injuries and promote a decent recovery.

3. Do things you ENJOY doing. Fat loss doesn’t have to be about gruelling workouts, feeling sick and absolutely dreading your training session. In fact, we promote doing activities that are the absolute opposite to that. Like going for bike rides with your kids/friends. Playing a sport you enjoy such as football, squash or netball. Hiking or long dog walks.

However, if you like training hard, and you recover well, then that’s fine too.

4. Be Creative. “Healthy Food” is usually seen as boring. Learn how to make food more interesting. No one wants to eat salad’s every single day do they? It’s important to remain consistent with nutrition for fat loss. Getting bored will not promote that. Also, its absolutely vital to understand that if you cook a meal, it might taste like crap the first attempt you try to make it. Give it another go next time!

5. Stop relying on the scales. The scales will not move in the direction you want every single time. Lots of things to be considered when trying to lose fat. Using measurements and more importantly picture will paint a better picture as to what is going on with your body. Expectations need to be managed with this. If we could lose fat week on week, surely we’d all be ripped all the time?

6. Stop listening to your mates. Everyone’s got an opinion and that can cause a problem. Doing what works for someone else, doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you.

7. Don’t use a plan off the internet. You aren’t like those fitness models you’ve seen on Instagram or Facebook. You’ve got a full time job, and you can’t train like them. Don’t think that their plans are actually good, because half the time they are absolutely woeful.

8. Eat Chocolate. Drink alcohol. Ice Cream is in. Being too restrictive with nutrition will just become too difficult. Socially you will be struggling unless you enjoy a bit of flexibility. Drinking lots of booze or eating loads of chocolate however, will just make your fat loss journey harder. Use your brain as well as your fork.

9. Take your time. What’s the big rush? Rome wasn’t built in a day and other crappy cliches are often quite appropriate with fat loss. Cutting drastic amounts of calories and giving yourself a ridiculous amount of pressure to attain a physique you desire in a short space of time, will be hard work and stressful. What’s the point? Give yourself time and make it sustainable.

10. Be a bit more organised. Bulk prepping your meals at a time that suits you, will make your life easier over time. This will stop you from struggling at the counter when you’re starving and have no food prepped.


Some very simple rules there that if you apply will help you get the physique you want.

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