I lost 3lb last week

And I gained it all back again.

Was it fat? No, its water.

I do weigh myself every week now, as I semi track most of my food, I need to ensure I’m on the right track with building muscle and not gaining too much fat. I check in the mirror and see what’s going on there. Can still see the outline of some muscles 🙂

This post is to highlight how much we talk about weight and size.

I work for the NHS in a consultancy role, and I sit in some of the offices, last week it happened to be the Mental Health Offices in and around Southampton.


Fat Talk

I began to count how many conversations ended up being about the employees weight and size through out the course of the week. By Wednesday there were over 20 conversations about it.

I was genuinely in shock.

I know all too well about how important image is to people these days, but I really didn’t think it meant this much.

The general jist of conversations were about how much weight people had lost that week. Talk of a previous dress they had.

There was talk about carbs making a certain woman completely break down and cry the other day! Apparently, she had a packet of crisps and that caused her to gain 2lbs of fat.

Time of year innit?

“It’s got to be this time of year?” was the first thought that sprung to mind.

Checking out clients and their diaries for the month, how we have to plan for them, certainly would indicate this.

I mean, with the stat that the average British person consumes over 6000kcals on Christmas day alone (Shiiiiiittt) and you couple that with the two thousand christmas parties everyone seems to go to, then it would certainly seem the problem.

How will YULE combat that without spoiling Christmas?

Yeah I just said that, I know, I don’t care though 🙂

Couple of simple strategies perhaps could be used.

On average out of my clients, they have 3 Christmas parties to go to, plus Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and then New Years Eve to contend with.

So that’s ultimately around 6 days of not being on point or happy with what will come from that.


I’m a realist. I don’t believe in restriction anymore. I believe in inclusion.

Restriction encourages the wrong forms of behaviour.

Why should you not enjoy yourself?

If you’re dieting and trying to lose fat/weight, then its different of course. You have something you’re working towards.

Here’s what I suggest for you.

Pick half of the events that you want to go out to in the whole month. The ones you really want to go to.

Those are the ones you can let your hair down on.

The others, don’t. Damage limitation!

You can also schedule in more light exercise, like walking on the weekends, (its cold but lovely and fresh) to help counter those calories.

You could, if you’re monitoring your calorie intake, reduce your calories through out the rest of the week to limit the damage.


Or very simply, just make better choices.

Those Quality Street that your Nan puts out, you don’t HAVE to eat them all you know.
I’m currently doing Free Consultations for Online Coaching – ready to begin next year.

I’ve been loving the results my clients have been getting in 2014, and 2015, I intend to improve my service to them 10 fold.

Currently they contact me whenever they like, they get recipe books weekly, tracking sheets, periodized training plans, community group access and loads more.

Guaranteed results are always hard to come by, but not here mate!

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