Sue From Accounts

recently said she absolutely cannot prepare her food in advance because its too tedious and time consuming. I was a bit baffled with her really because I managed to make this oats and whey combo and put a banana in my lunchbox in less than 3 minutes. Talk about fucking time consuming hey! Sue just […]

Part 3: Appetite Management for Dietary Adherence – Sleep

Schleepy peepies is what I call it with my 8 year old daughter. To the rest of us adults, its a pretty important factor in life. If not one of the most important things we need to focus on, especially if we are trying to improve our quality of life.   Appetite Management For the […]

Part 2: Dietary Adherence and Appetite Management

Alcohol and Fat Loss – Do they even mix?! Well in part 1 we discussed stress, you can see part 1 here: Part 1 In part 2 we are going to discuss how alcohol can cause issues with fat loss. Now a lot of people understand that we don’t store alcohol as fat. That’s a good […]


We often see in the fitness industry a transformation picture where someone has got absolutely shredded, in a short space of time. Well, you won’t believe what Cassandra has achieved in 12 months. It’s usually really impressive and everyone is totally wowed by it. I often put before and after pictures up of clients who […]

Weight – how many times a day do you talk about it?

I lost 3lb last week And I gained it all back again. Was it fat? No, its water. I do weigh myself every week now, as I semi track most of my food, I need to ensure I’m on the right track with building muscle and not gaining too much fat. I check in the […]

Helen Yates – her story

I’ve made this sound like a bloody story in Woman’s Own mag, but it is quite incredible what she has achieved. Here it is below in her own words! On Sunday Dan posted on Facebook how he wanted to be remembered in the fitness industry for helping change people’s live and not just for having […]