I’ve made this sound like a bloody story in Woman’s Own mag, but it is quite incredible what she has achieved.

Here it is below in her own words!

On Sunday Dan posted on Facebook how he wanted to be remembered in the fitness industry for helping change people’s live and not just for having six packs. Well I am one of those people who Dan has helped and will be for ever grateful.

In February this year my Niece introduced me to Dan and his online group Shred the fat group this was the start of something that would change my life for good.

I have several medical problems I have diverticular Disease which I’ve ended up having to have a colostomy for I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which I was on tablets for not forgetting that I was extremely over weight in fact I weighed 17 stone 9 pounds on top of all this I had just had a cancer scare which was the wake
up i needed to sort myself out.

When I started the Group I looked at all the files about food and nutrition and got advice from Dan then did my first shop and that was the start of my change.

Within the first month I had lost a stone in weight and could not believe it, I then stared to add in exercise to start with Dan advised me to start slowly so I would walk every day and try some of the exercises that are posted in the group.

As time went by I stared to do more and more of the group exercises and by now I really started to notice a difference after three months I had lost 2 and half stones and my fitness levels had really improved.

In August this year I went for my diabetic review. When I got there she did my weight and she doubled checked it as by now I lost 4 stone 4 pounds! Then we went on to look at my blood test results now this is where one of the biggest changes has happened to me.

She told me I had reversed my diabetes. My level had gone from 7.5 down to 5, so I could now stop taking the medication and she was over the moon!

I was told by the doctor, she wished more people would take a leaf out of my book. She had high praise for Dan’s group and the advice he was giving, she said it make a change for someone
to do it properly instead of looking for quick fixes.

So much has happened since I’ve joined Dan’s group which I cannot thank him enough for I’ve lost 6 stone in weight I’ve dropped from a size 22 to a size 14. I’ve reversed my diabetes which is amazing! Also, I have much more energy, I can enjoy things more in general. I

It does not sound much but in February I could not even walk mile and half without struggling now I can do a 12 mile walk without worrying!

I also go running every other day and my attitude to food has totally changed and I can honestly say I don’t miss the way I used to eat.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been hard work but there is one thing I have learnt from this; there are lots
of quick fixes out there and I’ve tried them all from slim fast to weight watchers and slimming world. Don’t
get me wrong I lost some weight with them all but soon put it all back on as you never really get
good advice from them and they are not sustainable.

With Dan’s group I’ve been given good nutritional advice and he explains why you do things and how it works plus he has given me exercise advice. He’s not afraid to tell you if you’re doing wrong and say why and what you can do instead to improve things.

The biggest thing for me is not to stress about your weight as there is a bigger picture and goal.

At the beginning of this we take measurements and photos to compare as sometime your weight does not change but your body does here are some pictures to show my progress from start to now.

Helen Yates

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