It’s a thing still.

We’re still seeing Sue from Accounts selling this stuff.

Yes, we dislike the people who sell it.

They are conning people out of hard earned cash, in search of a quick fix.

I myself have looked for quick fixes, in fact, I could probably do with one now as I am not really doing that well with the whole fat loss situation.


The problem doesn’t just lie with the sellers of these products sadly.

It lies within ourselves.

Those who buy it.




Well, we are looking to undo months and years of neglecting our health and fitness in a few short weeks or months.


It doesn’t work like that.


What happens when you’re done with that product?

Off back to Sue for another round?

Eating Fish Fingers off your kids plates again?

Believe me I know how tough it is to not nail the rest of the pizza your daughter has left on her plate.

Food wastage was a big thing in our house as a kid.


This is the problem with us as humans, we’re all too quick to jump on the next thing that will get us where we think we want to be, without putting the hard work in.


People make weight loss too hard for themselves anyway generally.


I absolutely love it when people come to us, spend a few weeks implementing some basic habit changes, focusing on the things that count:




Understanding basic human nutrition

Why you need to learn consistency

Learning that completely cutting things out of the diet is nonsensical and ends up with yo-yo dieting


Doing this will always be far better than the silly shakes, all the shakes are doing are putting you in a calorie deficit.


None are special.

In fact, if you’re going to do that, why don’t you just head over to somewhere like Myprotein – get yourself a better value, better tasting shake and don’t pay the morons who sell Herbalife.

You’ll get more shakes and you won’t be lining the pockets of some lunatic who doesn’t understand what they are doing.


I’ve spent more money on supplements than most people have hot dinners – the amount I currently spend on supplements (other than a simple protein shake) – is about £4 per month, and that’s on Vitamin D.


I cringe at the time I spent wasting hours and money on things that really were just a quick fix, that never worked and wish I could go back and give myself a shake.


You can’t, but you can make an active decision to stop faffing about and get on with the simple stuff.

Get yourself in a calorie deficit.

Be accountable, use the COMPLETELY FREE APP MyFitnessPal, use a sensible calorie intake for your weight and activity levels.

Be active.

Eat sensibly.


Don’t buy pointless stuff.

Spend the cash on something cool, like rum. ?

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