The next few months, we will be bringing to you over the coming weeks some epic informative posts to teach you everything you need to know about:

Getting lean/shredded/smaller/bigger (ie losing weight, gaining muscle etc)

Nutrition and all the important stuff you need to know

Busting some myths

Bringing some real science alongside with our clients physical and psychological proof as evidence of work

Hints and tips on how to succeed with your diet, short & mid term, then how to eat for life

A no bullshit approach to nutrition.



People will happily spend money on supplements such as Raspberry Ketones, Lighter Life, Forever Living, The Cambridge Diet, Slim Fast, Alli tablets.

All of which are said to bring a quick fix to fast results.

However, none of these are remotely sustainable.

The only supplements you should choose, should be in relation to your diet – as a SUPPLEMENT.

With the exception of whey protein and some associated products, like your bars etc, these are all effectively assisting you in consuming adequate protein or providing a quick swap instead of a meal.

Useful in many contexts.

That said, they certainly aren’t to form most of your diet, and should feature LAST in the order of importance when trying to get in decent shape.

Other supplements can aid your health, but we will discuss those later.

The most important factor is without a doubt calories.


Clean eaters beware, you’re wrong, science is not.

If you ingest more energy from liquid/food than you expend via BMR, movement and exercise – then you will gain weight.

That’s a fact.

Vice versa to lose.

Also a fact.


Eating to calorie NEEDS!

If you ingest far too few calories, you will be subjecting yourself to binge behaviour.

The body has limitations for the most part – crash dieting doesn’t yield decent results, it ends up in binges.

Mitigating this by setting your diet up sensibly and in a sustainable manner is the best thing to do all round.

More on this also later.


Quality Food

Food is food, it all ends up the same.

However, from a fullness and health perspective, it absolutely doesn’t – so pay attention to good quality foods for the most part.

Restrictive diets end in tears usually – we’ll cover that in more detail later.

Getting the right amount the macro and micronutrients is important.

Health is often over looked to cover weight loss.

However, if you work towards this, you will be getting adequate protein intake – which helps rebuild, build, process, muscle tissue, and internal organs etc.

If you eat a balanced varied diet you will help yourself to protect against disease and illness. Again more on this later.


Meal timing doesn’t have a direct effect on fat loss, but it does help develop patterns with hunger.

Something to be said for routine for sure.


A quick summary

Importance of diet set up

1. Calories are MOST IMPORTANT 

2. Food Quality – better quality will improve satiety and health

3. Sufficient protein fat and carbs will help with overall well being and body composition

4. Meal timing can help manage hunger

5. Supplements are to AID your diet and performance nothing else.

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