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From the Coaches I’m 36 years old and more often than not I make silly decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, alcohol and life. However, despite this, I don’t chastise myself the small irrelevant mistakes. These are Going to the pub and watching sport and enjoying pints (multiple) – one of my favourite things […]

Fat Loss Tips Series #7 – Why you should eat more protein

Why Prioritising your protein intake helps you lose fat. If you’re coming from a typical western diet the chances are you don’t eat enough protein and you over eat on carbs and fat., making a calorie deficit more difficult to stick to. Now, we know from research that if you increase the amount of protein in […]

Fat Loss Tips Series #6 – Liquid Calories and fat loss

Stop drinking your calories. In general, liquid foods tend to be less satiating (keep you feeling full) than their solid counterparts, this can cause issues when fat loss is the goal. You see liquid foods bypass what we call the “cephalic” phase of eating, which refers to the effect that the smell, taste and chewing […]

Fat Loss Tips Series #5 – Food Environment

Fix your Food Environment. You come home, you’re stressed, you’re tried, you’re hungry and there’s a chocolate cake sitting right there on the kitchen counter staring  you right in the face. What’s the likelihood you’re not going to eat that shit? Yeah, as I suspected, pretty low hey? But, what if you came home and instead […]

Fat Loss Tips Series #4 – Fat Loss Foods

Base your food choices on the satiety index. Ok, so I’m being deliberately misleading with the main page title, there is no such thing as a fat loss food. But what is this “satiety” you speak of? Basically it’s how full you feel after eating. Are you always hungry? Or do you feel “hangry” before and […]

Fat Loss Tip Series #3 – Hydration and Fat Loss?

Are you hydrated? I’ll keep this one fairly short, just look at the infographic below: Staying properly hydrated is pretty damn important to your health and especially if fat loss is you goal! But how does it help with fat loss? 1. Being dehydrated is often mistaken for hunger. If you feel a slight hunger pang […]

Fat Loss Tips Series – #2

To lose fat you have to create an energy deficit. This may sound blindingly obvious to some of you, but it’s amazing just how many people think the rules of energy balance don’t apply to humans. They do, always. If you have less energy coming in via your diet, whilst maintaining or increasing your energy […]

Fat Loss Tips Series – #1

Aim to hit 10,000 steps per day. Contrary to what you may have heard, the amount of non gym activity you do is probably way more important to your fat loss and health goals than how many hours you spend in one. Aiming to hit 10,000 steps a day is an easy and low stress […]