Base your food choices on the satiety index.

Ok, so I’m being deliberately misleading with the main page title, there is no such thing as a fat loss food. But what is this “satiety” you speak of?

Basically it’s how full you feel after eating.

Are you always hungry?

Or do you feel “hangry” before and after your meals when you try to lose fat?

Maybe it’s about time you base your meals around more filling choices?

Enter the Satiety Index.

Image courtesy of Bony to Beastly.

In general foods that score highly on the satiety index have a few things in common:

1. A low calorie density per unit of volume
2. They are high in fibre
3. They are high in protein
4. They are high in water content

Pretty unsurprisingly Fruits and Vegetables score pretty damn highly on the index, but what may  surprise you is to see the humble white potato top the list!

In fact Boiled potatoes came out as three times more filling than white bread used as the control food, which was also rated twice as filling as a croissant.

Generally foods that score low on satiety are those that nutritionists call “hyperpalatable” or to you and I just damn tasty.

These foods are easy to over consume and tend to be high in sugar, salt, fat, and refined carbohydrates like flour, as a well as having a high calorie density. Examples of these sorts of foods include Cheesecake, Biscuits, Crisps and pastries.

So if your goal is fat loss, then try and limit these “hyperpalatable” foods and base more of your diet around wholefoods. Don’t exclude the odd treat – being a dietary monk leads to you feeling deprived, restricted and ultimately failure.

As we like to say:

there are no good or bad foods, just better or worse choices”

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