Fix your Food Environment.

You come home, you’re stressed, you’re tried, you’re hungry and there’s a chocolate cake sitting right there on the kitchen counter staring  you right in the face.


What’s the likelihood you’re not going to eat that shit?

Yeah, as I suspected, pretty low hey?

But, what if you came home and instead of the cake there was a bowl of fruit sitting there?

You could have one, even two apples to tide you over until dinner time and still clock less than 200 calories. Chances are two apples would be far more filling than the serving of cake and depending on your perspective, taste just as good.

This is what we mean when we talk about food environment and it’s an area we focus massively on with our clients for fat loss success not just now, but in the future.

How can you optimise your Food Environment for Fat Loss?

Here’s some of our tips for success:

1. Don’t keep junk in the house.

If you don’t keep it in to start with the likelihood of you making a special trip out to by some is going to rapidly diminish. This doesn’t have to apply to everything but if (like me) you can’t moderate your consumption of say, biscuits, then the easiest way not to eat the whole packet is not to have them in to start with. Little packets of deliciousness they are…

2. Keep fruits and veggies and other nutritious and highly filling foods in plain sight.

Fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, veggies at eye level in the fridge and freezer. Research shows a high variety of food will also increase over consumption so go for the “colours of the rainbow” here, skittles don’t count of course.

3. Keep tasty, highly palatable and low filling junk out of plain site.

Kinda related to points 1.& 2. If you can’t do No 1. for whatever reason, be that your partner or family keep these foods out of your usual line of sight. Sounds silly but it works.

4. Ditch the “treat” cupboard / jar / tin.

Kids are not pets. Actively rewards your kids with a trip out or an activity instead. You’re less likely to reach for these foods in a moment of weakness then too.

5. Food environment doesn’t just stop at home.

Position the sweet jar or biscuit tin as far away as possible from you in work, take a route that doesn’t involve passing the vending machine. Yes, this means the “snack draw” has to go too.

Want to learn more about how food environment can help with fat loss?

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