To lose fat you have to create an energy deficit.

This may sound blindingly obvious to some of you, but it’s amazing just how many people think the rules of energy balance don’t apply to humans. They do, always.

If you have less energy coming in via your diet, whilst maintaining or increasing your energy output this always equals fat loss. Also known as a calorie deficit.

The truth is that any successful fat loss diet HAS to do this…

Low Carb?

That’s one whole food group removed = less calories coming in.

Low Fat?

Same as above = less calories coming in.

Intermittent Fasting?

This means a shorter window to eat in = less calories coming in.

A Ketogenic Diet?

Research shows that higher protein and fat intakes can keep certain people feeling full = less calories coming in.

Tracking you food intake?

Research shows those who keep food diaries are more likely to stick to their diet = less calories coming in.

Here are typical diets summarised in a nice graphic from our friends over at Myolean Fitness:

The Evidence for Calorie Restriction.

You get the idea.

It doesn’t matter what diet you use to create the energy / calorie deficit with, so long as you are eating less than you are burning on a consistent basis, you’ll lose fat. Guaranteed.

What about food quality?

So we know the QUANTITY of the food you are eating is super important if you’re going to lose weight, you can’t get away from it. But the QUALITY is important too. We can’t overlook this aspect if we want to lose weight / fat in a healthy and sustainable way.

Why? Well lots of high quality food generally means you’re going to be getting sufficient nutrients for health and you’ll find it easier to eat less over time while staying full. Wholefoods are less “calorie dense” so you get to eat more, in terms of food volume, and still lose weight.

What does this mean in practice? If your goal is fat loss the bulk (80%) of your diet should consist of lots of:

You know, a diet that your Grandma could identify as healthy and nutritious. Or as Dan John likes to say “eating like an adult” Solid advice if ever I heard it.

The Three E’s

Does this mean you can’t occasionally indulge in ice cream and lose fat? No, of course not,  life is too short for no ice cream or treats with friends and family, so moderation should be your mantra here.

So the key to all this is to find a way to cook and eat lots of high quality food that YOU enjoy and YOU can sustain long term, that is most likely going to equal fat and weight loss success.

Any Questions?

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