10 Mistakes I Made With Fat Loss

As a Nutrition Coach People often think I’m going to tell them to cut out sugar, eat “good carbs” and only eat chicken breast. That’s never the case. I am a beer drinking, pizza eating & strawberry pencil consuming kind of guy. At DMF, we understand nutritional science and know how to deliver good quality […]

The DMF: Evolve Guide to Fitness & Nutrition

RESULTS, FITNESS, NUTRITION AND THE DMF WAY   All of the people we have coached at some point in the last 4 years or so have had the mindset with training and nutrition of: “More is better” Training “Eat clean to be healthy” with nutrition Or they had to train as hard as they possibly […]

Becky is a qualified Nutritionist from Lincolnshire. She’s been an online DMF member for about 4 months now, and has come such a long way. Here’s a lovely piece she wrote on her Facebook page. “As a Nutritionist, I know A LOT about diet and exercise. Does this mean I find it easy to apply […]