Get on the beers son (or Sparkling Rose for the ladies)

Getting on the beers is a great adult past time for a lot of people.

Socialising whereever you are, can involve a lot of alcohol which can be problematic if you’re trying to lose fat.

Now, most Personal Trainers I know of, put alcohol in to the “bad” category. Hmmm.

Well, drinking excessively is clearly not a clever thing to do, but to say it doesn’t happen would be stupid.

Drinking in moderation, has been shown to improve some health markers too, including potentially REDUCING the risk in type 2 diabetes [1].

Moderation is always perceived very differently from person to person, usually down to a number of different factors socially and envirobenmentally.

Alcamahol makes you fat (and sexy).

Well, actually no it doesn’t.

Guess what, you can’t gain fat in a calorie deficit, so if you remain in a calorie deficit and have alcohol, then wahey! It’s not fat you’ve gained, its water!

Note – beer and wine have carbohydrate in them, so you can potentially store fat from these.

Alcohol is a preferred fuel – not just for tramps.

So what happens when we drink alcohol?

I’m not that intelligent, so I’ll explain in simple terms, as then I will be able to understand what I’ve written about.

Basically, your body wants to utilise all the alcohol as your primary fuel after ingestion. Until that alcohol is metabolised, you won’t burn anything else until its done. Namely fat.

You’ll just store everything else you eat in the meantime.

How does that doner kebab sound now kids?kebab

Appetite Management

So lets presume you’re in a deficit, and you drink 0 carb drinks such as vodka and slimline whilst you’re out on the lash. What happens then?

Well no, you won’t gain fat.


However, what this will do is increase your appetite.

That sucks.

This is key when dieting me thinks.

No one wants to wake up and eat 42 Chicken Selects and number 33 with egg fried rice do they? Well, yeah they probably do, but its not going to help them diet is it.

Effect on training

Just remember, too much alcohol will wreck your training in terms of recovery and also your motivation to train. So that’s quite important to consider.

Lots to think about.

So here are 10 top tips, to Alcohol whilst dieting:

Nice Tips – 10

1. Go low fat on the day – as fat storage will be upregulated. Shoot for around 0.3g/kg bw.

2. Curb your carbs a bit. Don’t have so many. If you’re on a moderate carb intake, just half it.

3. Ensure you get adequate protein. Eat plenty of it. Good way to fill up too.

4. Don’t eat junk food before or after. Be a bit sensible. You’re getting to drink alcohol whilst dieting, so think about the choices you make.

5. In terms of fat loss, there are better choices, such as spirits and diet drinks, compared with wine/beer. There are even lower calorie beers that will help. (I am not saying smash loads of vodka people).

6. Rehydrate lots. Well, it just makes sense along with the sciency stuff right).

7. Do some walking before and after your “sesh”. Activity will help. Don’t train heavy on a hangover.

8. Don’t do this all the time. Your appetite will be wrecked. You can’t have it all ways sunshine sadly.

9. Plan your meals for the next day, so you don’t reach for the phone and dial Dominos.

10. Don’t go round telling everyone I told you you could get hammered all the time. I’m not.

That’s a wrap.




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