members progress – jane

Jane has been with DMF since September 2020. She’s made incredible progress and some life long friends along the way.

4 Ways To Balance Fitness & friends

Having fun with your friends is essential, no matter what your goals are. Are there ways you can tweak things to ensure you stay on track with reaching them?

3 Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

Many people really struggle to get their protein intake up. In this blog we’ll show you 3 simple ways of getting that all important protein intake up.

Nutrition Doesn’t Have To Be Hardcore!

NUTRITION DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARDCORE! Today’s blog is about nutrition, which is a big topic with so many different avenues we can go down.  Today we’re focusing on having a more simple approach to nutrition, why we do things the way we do at DMF and some simple suggestions to go with it.   […]

DMF Member – Sherilee

Sherilee has had some epic achievements since starting at DMF.

Here’s what she’s got to say.