Adrian what brought you to dmf and why did you choose us?
I was simply looking for a gym that was close to home that would enable me to lift some weights a few days a week before going to work. At that point, I had no great ambition other than to get back in the habit of working out more regularly after a period where I was travelling a lot for work and had become quite sedentary. 
I joined on the six week programme having never had any nutrition advice before nor any personal training. I would use the internet to find workout plans and observe others in the gym but never had any actual feedback. I might not have joined with any grand ambition but I’ve stayed because it became clear pretty quickly that I could achieve an awful lot in terms of my health and fitness with a little accountability and great coaching. 
What results have you achieved at dmf in terms of body composition, fitness, strength, mindset, nutrition?
I’ve lost 13kg of weight / over 14kg of fat and reduced body fat percentage from 26% to 10% since joining DMF. I’ve dropped many inches on the waist and am now buying clothes in medium rather than large. I can see in the progress photos how far I’ve come in terms of body composition having been carrying a lot of fat around my mid section when I joined. I wasn’t unhappy with my body composition when I joined but looking back now at the current versus starting photos, I’m determined to never fall back in to being out of shape. 
In terms of fitness, I am so much more active for the benefit of some structure and goals (especially when combined with my nutrition progress). I used to run relatively short distances (~5km) semi regularly and comparing what I used to be able to do then versus what I can achieve now is like night and day. I regularly run twice that distance at more or less the same pace, breaking only a mild sweat. I now find that if I’ve not been active, I feel sluggish and lethargic whereas a morning run or gym session fills me with energy for the day ahead
I’m stronger than I was before joining and I feel like I get stronger every few weeks looking at my lifts at the gym. I get relatively few opportunities to put that to use during a normal week so it hasn’t changed my life but it’s good to know I could do a pull up if I needed to, to avoid falling to my death now!
In terms of mindset I feel the energy and drive that I get from my new lifestyle makes me more positive and better equipped to live in and enjoy the moment. I definitely feel this energy has had a positive impact on my drive at work and makes me more productive
What did you try before, did it work? Did you enjoy it?
I’ve been a regular visitor to a normal (non-PT) gym in the past but never really done any type of exercise class or small group training. I felt it worked at the type and that I enjoyed it, but in hindsight I’m not really sure what I achieved and any fitness that I gained or weight that I lost never really lasted as my habits came in spurts and waned after a period of a few months (mostly due to the lack of a clear goal or feeling of accountability)
What elements of DMF do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the challenge of seeing what I can achieve with my health and fitness in a structured programme.  The training sessions are fast paced and tailored to what I need and there’s always a fun and supportive environment. I enjoy seeing the results too.
Have you tried gyms in the past, or even PT, what’s different for you at DMF?
Yes – not for a while but I have been a member of commercial gyms and at the university (as alumni member). What’s different is the personalised element and the structure of training which means I don’t need to plan, I just turn up ready to go and have an expert to guide me through not only what to do but how to do it.
What would you say about DMF if someone was to ask your opinion?
If you have any desire to make a lasting change to your health and fitness and you’re prepared to put the effort in over a consistent period, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of achieving (whilst having fun)

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