I saw your Facebook ad and it was perfect timing as I really wanted to lose weight badly and get fitter as felt unhappy about the way I looked and the way my clothes fit.
I was fed up with wearing my ‘fat’ clothes and wanted things to change. I was also fed up with yo-yo dieting all my adult life it seems too! 
I thought I would pluck up the courage and get things going! massive bonus was DMF being so near home too which was a big plus point for me and also someone I know recommended you too.
In 6 months since I started I have seen these changes:
  • Increased by 16 points on scanner
  • 18.2 kg down
  • BFM – 17.1KG down
  • PBF – 15% down
  • Visceral fat down 10 levels
I have completely changed my body shape – losing 3 stone – and dropped from size 14/16 bottoms to size 10.
I feel so much leaner and fitter and stronger, I haven’t increased SMM since first started but this is my next main focus now that I have lost my weight.
Now my focus is on maintaining and building muscle – getting completely toned and much stronger!
I have lost 64.5cms off my body! 
Chest – minus 10cm
L.Bicep – minus 4.5cm
Waist – 19.5cm
L.Thigh – 11cm
Hips – 19.5cm
Total – 64.5cms lost!!
I love going to the gym and it’s massively improved my fitness.
I have loved the accountability which i really needed. I have really improved on my fitness and nutrition with the help of DMF’S expert coaching.  
Meal prep and upping my protein have been really important as well as being in calorie deficit and tracking and moving so much more with my steps! I already feel much stronger and fitter! 
Previously I have tried Slimming World, intermittent fasting and keto and 5-2 diets –  you name them all I have tried them and just keep yo-yo dieting.
I got so fed up with it all as the weight always comes back on and its just not sustainable!
The great thing about DMF is that it teaches you how to sustain your weight loss and gives you tactics when you have a blip or a night out and I love that! You still need to enjoy yourself and that’s important! 
I love the vibe of DMF and the whole package of nutrition, accountability and expert PT coaching but with the vibe of a class and all the bants!! 
I have tried gyms in the past and they have never worked as I cannot motivate to do it by myself!
I love the fact that sessions are group based but still led by PTs so you have the attention of a PT during the session to make sure things are being done correctly!
Plus still having the vibe of a really friendly and fun class!
I have tried outdoor bootcamp but this is so much better as focuses much more on strength and conditioning with some cardio as opposed to full on entire cardio for whole class which isn’t as fun or effective! 
If anyone asked me whether they should join, I’d say just to JOIN! Don’t hesitate to call Dan for a friendly chat and he can get you started on your journey right away!
I have been recommending to all my friends and feel its an investment for my future years as feel its so important to be fitter and stronger for then and now as well as being in the best shape I can possibly be right now which has done wonders for my self-esteem!!  

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