Harvey Young

No posts for a little while as I have been ultra busy working on a few little projects I have going on. Cutting straight to the chase, the most important project is a fund raising one.

Harvey Young is a 3 year old boy with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which prevents him from walking unaided, with the condition only getting worse as he gets older. If allowed to get worse, Harvey could become deformed and suffer extreme amounts of pain.

There is an operation called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), which cuts the nerves at the bottom of the spine and will enable Harvey to walk, after about 2 years of intensive physiotherapy. However, the NHS currently do not provide the operation and the only way for Harvey to get it is to go to a hospital in St Louis, USA. The cost being £50,000.

Being a Personal Trainer, I am passionate about people being fit and healthy. Exercise is something I enjoy and it frustrates me so much if I am unable to do it. It is my belief that we all take simple things such as being able to exercise for granted and people always look for excuses not to get fit and be healthy. Harvey currently doesn’t have the ability to do some of the simple things that we can, however with some help, he can have that.

The difference this operation can make to this amazing little boys life is untold and I feel we can be a huge help towards his goal.

Fancy Dress Boot Camp – March 16th, Midday, Southampton Common

I am hosting the above, with the aim of raising £1000 for Harvey to help him get to his goal.

Southampton & Eastleigh Fitness Camp campers are going to help us try to raise this £1000. I will be giving them all forms and the person who raises the most money, will get a free month’s Boot Camp at either camp. A great prize.

I would like people to dress up as ridiculous as possible and I am welcoming everyone to join in and get involved.


More information on Harvey’s cause can be found here: Help 4 Harvey


Please begin donating here and really help towards changing a little boys life!


Donations Page



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