Part 2: Dietary Adherence and Appetite Management

Alcohol and Fat Loss – Do they even mix?! Well in part 1 we discussed stress, you can see part 1 here: Part 1 In part 2 we are going to discuss how alcohol can cause issues with fat loss. Now a lot of people understand that we don’t store alcohol as fat. That’s a good […]

Carbs in the morning and all that stuff

What’s best? I’ve never been particularly in tune with my body, which is surprising really as a PT who is in to Physique shows. I’ve always struggled to figure out what works best for me, how I feel after certain foods, what triggers me to eat certain things and if and when my guts don’t […]

My diet and training

HIIT it hard Over the last 10-12 weeks I’ve been dieting down and training for a physique competition called the Muscletalk UKBFF Championships. Why? Probably because unless I have a goal, my nutrition/training is never as good and I’ve never been happy with my body. Why am I writing this blog? Well a few people […]

Help 4 Harvey

Harvey Young No posts for a little while as I have been ultra busy working on a few little projects I have going on. Cutting straight to the chase, the most important project is a fund raising one. Harvey Young is a 3 year old boy with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which prevents him from […]