Just why is resistance training so important to us as Human Beings?

We often chat with a GP in Brighton, who will be coming to do a talk for us in DMF: Evolve, around health and well being, called Dr Rehill. We, along with the ridiculously strong evidence and masses of data to support these claims – believe that pretty much most people should be doing a form of resistance training.

This means weight bearing.


Obviously people come to DMF to get in great shape, we can tick that box.

They want to get fitter, we tick that box too.

Understand nutrition? Check.

However, from a health perspective, what does performing resistance training actually do?

Let’s break it down.


As we age, we get weaker and more brittle.

Ever known someone to constantly fall and break something as they get older? Want to know one of the most simple fixes to help prevent that?

You guessed it, Resistance Training.

It helps improve the density of your bones, which as you get older, is quite important.

Osteoperosis is a very expensive and very preventable problem in our society, just by performing resistance training 2 x per week, that can be alleviated in so many people.

Mad isn’t it?

Ever heard of Sarcopenia?

Well that’s an age related muscle wastage problem – your muscles deplete as you age, if you let them.

Want to know one of the best things you can do to help that?

You know the answer…..

What about mobility?

For those of you who had 2 sets of Grandparents growing up, did you have one set that moved well, were very active until very late in life, whilst the other, masses of health problems and were always sat?

Mobility from resistance training (and more of course) can make the difference.

Those of you reading this under the age of 30, believe me, mobility now might be easy, just wait until you’re 36 with mortgages, kids, businesses, stress yadda yadda – things become very different! 🤣

Women & Weight Training

“I’m scared of getting big and bulky”

“I don’t want to look like a man”

If I had a quid for every time I was told this, I would be a Thousandaire.

Understable it may be, the truth is, the pictures that the ladies see online are quite deceptive.

The Men who look super human and absolutely massive, ultimately take drugs to get that size – that’s a personal choice by them, no judgement from me.

Women feel that they’ll stack on muscle like there’s no tomorrow as soon as they look at a dumbbell – the reality is, that doesn’t happen.

What ACTUALLY happens, is they start gaining a decent amount of lean mass and feel “toned”. They lose body fat whilst gaini

ng muscle at a decent rate (as long as the training is set up well) – then become much happier, stronger, energetic and confident.

Men & Weight Training

Men just want to look better in a T shirt generally.

I cannot tell you the amount of time I wasted following Men’s Health Magazine workou

ts, or the latest Bodybuilders workouts.

Only to find myself frustrated and not changing.

We just walk in a gym and expect to be jacked after 2 weeks.

I wanted to be that guy on the front of Men’s Health.

The reality is, most people set themselves up wrong.

We don’t really know what to do, I did that for 5 sodding years. 🙄

How We Train People At DMF

So, after being a Coach for 7 years, I’ve spent a lot of time learning and more money on education than I care to think about.

However, its helped me round my approach to both training and nutrition.

We’ve coached Professional Athletes (online), Bodybuilders (online only of course), Weekend Warriors, Mums, Dads, Young Adults, Older Adults, people with Spine problems, people with hip replacements, people with Colostomy bags, people who hate exercise, people recovering from Cancer.

You name it, we’ve done most of it.

I’ll admit, I used to put my favoured style of training on to others – with some success.

However, now, after all this time, we do things very differently.

No single person is the same as another.

Dr Jordan Peterson (my favourite psychologist and to be fair probably the only one I know lol) says everyone over 30 has some form of mental or physical restriction they have to work with. I agree with that mostly.

Most people want to be in shape.

Most people want to FEEL healthy.

Most people want to move well.

Most people don’t know how to do it.

We have to tick those boxes at DMF.

Structure, progression & improve

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a trainee? Not sticking to a structured, progressive training plan.

Not following the fundamentals of training.

Just winging it.

Sound familiar?

“I like doing what I do”

Yep – I said that too.

Guess what I liked more after I gave in?


Measurable, visible and enjoyable results.

Doing things a way I wasn’t used to and stepping out of my comfort zone.

No longer did I slog myself silly for 90 minutes in a gym 5 days a week not getting anywhere.

I followed a structured plan, that was progressive – and I ruddy well stuck to it.

What happened?

I changed.

I started to like what I saw in the mirror.

I spent a LOT less time doing it.

Which is how we do things at DMF.

Our guys only do a max 3 Resistance based sessions per week – why? That’s all that’s necessary.

We like to focus on the other stuff in life, you know, like understanding nutrition, or hanging out with your mates, being active outside the gym for example 🙂


This is a big one for us at DMF.

If you don’t enjoy something, are you going to stick at it?

The likely answer is no.

Take me and running for example.

God, I absolutely HATE running.


Yep, get me on a bike, flying down a trail in Wales missing trees by inches and I’m there.

Stick me in some very revealing lycra with other middle aged men and for some reason I’m game as you like. I love road cycling.

More so for how it helps my brain. 4 miles from my house are rolling country hills – quite back roads and no angry van drivers.

I get fit, switch off from technology and running my businesses and believe I rock that ridiculous lycra onesie I wear under my cycling jersey.

I enjoy it.

We HAVE to get people to enjoy what we do at DMF – otherwise they’ll leave.

That’s not very clever is it.

So, one of our fundamental beliefs at DMF is to get people to absolutely love what we do.

Which seems to happen.

100 members + of all different shapes, sizes and ages seem to think so.


Resistance training can really be one of the most beneficial things you can introduce in to your life.

It might feel daunting at first, but performed safely in the correct manner – you can completely change your body, forever.

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