So our man Clive now is to be outed, as he really doesn’t mind me revealing his name, I waited to see how he felt about it before doing so. Real name you ask? Stuart. There we have it. He doesn’t seem anything like the last Clive that I met, which is a good thing, but we won’t go in to that!

Stuart’s first week ended last week and he did amazing. We decided to do a weekly weigh in to see where we were at. 8lbs. In one week! Insane, I am so proud of him I cannot express it here. We got together and worked out 3 times last week and he walked every other day that we didn’t train. Stuart pushed himself last week on his own which makes me more proud than how hard he is working with me. It is undoubtedly twice as hard to train on your own, as you will know yourselves  if you need a gym buddy or a running partner to get yourself motivated.

He stuck to the nutrition plan that I gave him, including breakfast which he really struggles with but he is pushing through and trying his hardest. I have given him my own recipes for smoothies, beef stir fry’s, Jambalaya’s and many others, so far he tells me he is enjoying all the food I have given to him. This goes to show that healthy food can be tasty and enjoyable!

To ramp up the workouts a bit, I have been measuring his progress each day. Stuart is now performing double the amount of Bench Get Ups’ (similar to squats) than in his first day and is already finding our walks much easier. So now, I have thrown in 3 lots of 1 minute variations of boxing drills, more body weight exercises to challenge him and to keep him interested.

Keep it up Stuart, doing awesome.

On another note, Essential Fitness Camp has opened a Southampton venue on the Common starting Bank Holiday Monday, which I shall be running – for details.

Our Eastleigh Camp has 40 amazing people in there and they are all loving it. The feedback I get month on month is phenomenal. We cater for everyone here, any shape, size, age, gender and fitness level. There is a high demand for Eastleigh and people are booking up a month in advance to get in, so if you want to get involved and guarantee yourself a dress size drop in one month and some dramatic fitness and health improvements; get involved! Details on the site.


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