So week 1 of the Project is done and dusted.

I’ve got to know a lot about our man in this 1st week. He is genuinely a top bloke in every aspect. So determined and focused now on his goals, I am honoured to be able to work with him.

This first week has consisted of me finding out about his levels of fitness and how we can go forward to smash his goals. Initially, my first thoughts were that we might struggle to do a lot of exercises due to mobility issues, problematic knees etc. However, this week has proved me wrong and everything I asked of him, he did, with enthusiasm.

The first step is definitely the hardest without a shadow of doubt. Monday, we started with a 20 minute walk. *Clive (first name that came to my head) became a little out of breath, however he did it, and we progressed on to some bodyweight exercises. These included, Bench get ups. Simply, sitting on the park bench and then standing up, repeatedly for a set period of time. This replicates a squat, using legs and core muscles to lift weight. It’s a tough exercise but he managed to knock out a fair few in the first minute. After a few sets of these, we moved on to some push ups and then further bodyweight exercises to round off. Once I had seen Clive had enough, I called it a day and that was the end of day 1. Clive performed well and was shattered as he’d worked his backside off on the first day.

However, by Friday, we had completed 3 training sessions in the week. Already he is moving a lot quicker, performing 7 Bench Get Ups in a minute more than he did Monday. What a top effort.

What’s more though, is that Clive has been out every day walking on his own for 30 minutes a time, getting himself worn out and reporting back to me. He has also sent me plenty of pics of what he has been eating from my 7 day nutrition plan. He has been excellent this week.

I now need to mix the exercise up to keep it interesting for him. We are going to be doing some pad work and light boxing drills as he loves a bit of MMA, mixed in with the bodyweight stuff. This will probably mean I will talk a lot less, something I am sure he will be more than happy about!

Keep up the good work Clive and can’t wait to see your first set of results.

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