So its 21 weeks now until the show.

I’ll be honest, I feel like a dick. What am I doing? I don’t look like a bodybuilder. I look like a wannabe and I feel even worse. The guys who compete in the gym are massive, much bigger and fuller muscles than I have, then the smaller more aesthetic guys look lean and muscular. I don’t even know what I look like. Fat at the moment though, so I’ve changed my macronutrient intake to have a higher percentage of protein and less carbs. I know when I’m getting fat, and I am getting fat.

I have four more weeks ish, of trying to gain as much muscle as I can, then the dieting down begins. The dieting down bit will be easier for me, I aim to end up on 25oo for the show, depending on how I look that may change. Eating all this food is becoming easier ha!

My apprehensions are only made stronger by looking at the competition. They all look huge compared to me. The category I am going for is a more natural looking category, not like the bigger guys shown in my previous post. That would be impossible without assistance. However, the competition look amazing.

I’ve had lots of encouraging words from some of the fella’s at Samson’s, I’ll be alright according to some. How do you know though? Are they just telling me that to make me feel better? Who knows. My mate Dave Batchelor is doing a show in April, and we’ve been geeing each other up these past couple of weeks. He’s really helping me stay focused so cheers for that mate and good luck to you.

I think my workouts are brutal enough to gain muscle. The intensity of my programming has always been sometimes a little bit too hard, on this one it seems about right and my weak areas are certainly growing, which is excellent. I can see some changes for once in my life! I come out of that gym absolutely broken most days, especially legs day. I get the piss taken out of me constantly for the noises I make, which I suppose can only be a good thing.

I am starting to really understand this whole goal setting and how daunting it can be. I’ve never really had a serious goal to achieve. I’ve kept myself in half decent shape my entire adult life, I’ve always enjoyed exercise so that’s never been an issue. Now I’ve set this goal for myself, I wonder if its a bridge to far for me.

I will try to remain positive, do my best and see what happens.

Will stick some before and after pics half way through. Right now, I’m feeling too shitty about my physique (seeing as I’m meant to be in a position to inspire people to get lean), to even contemplate it.

Thanks for reading that!

Next week, we will have a guest blog from a fantastic person who I’ve had the privilege to help get lean recently. She has battled with eating disorders etc so its a really huge deal for her!

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