Rich & Lucy got married!

They asked us to help  them get in shape for the big day.

It was a pleasure to do that, but to get invited to the reception was a complete privilege, and seeing them beaming filled me with pride.

Here’s what Rich had to say 🙂

DMF helped me and my partner so much in our wedding preparation; we both felt amazing on our special day.

My partner looked incredible in her wedding dress. The help and encouragement that DMF gave us was incredible from things like diet, food choices, help in the gym, giving us advice, encouragement through a stressful time and giving us the best chance to make us feel and look the way we did to even taking time out of their busy lives to turn up to our wedding reception! – which was so great to see!…..We cant thank DMF enough for their help during this period in our lives.

Before DMF

I have tried; Oasis Gym in Lords Hill, Romsey Rapids x 2, Totton Health Centre and Pure Gym. They were intimidating, no body knew each other, no one was friendly, everybody kept themselves to themselves. You never felt apart of anything and sometimes you would just stay on a treadmill for ages as you felt you could go and train next to someone or the normal huge body builder type members would gather around the main equipment and make you feel inadequate about using the equipment around them. You felt like they would make fun or are making fun of you. You had an induction and that’s it, you think you know what your doing but most of the time you just watched others and then gave it a go. Even the coaches would hang around with the body builders and not be interested in you at all. Sometimes wouldn’t even say hello!


I have gained knowledge more than anything, about fitness, about nutrition about how to do things properly. I have also lost 2 inches around my waist, increased my muscle mass and decreased my body fat.

DMF Members

The community of people is great, they are fun, friendly, supportive and its nice to think you have made friends and not just people you go to the gym with. The get togethers are nice to be a part of and some people in the community arrange meetings, compete in competitions such as tough mudder/obstacle races which is great to be a part of. 


No burpees, no cardio and can still get results! None of the celebrity fads or any pressure. Enjoy the different training blocks and not having to worry about going into a gym and thinking right what do I do tonight; and knowing that you’re getting the right training, support and knowledge from qualified staff.


The standard of coaching is nothing I have every come across, the knowledge these guys have is amazing. Always there to help, to tweak something, to give you praise, encourage you to grow and build. 

Why we keep coming back

We keep coming back because we enjoy it, the coaches are great and DMF is just a great place to be! We love going to the gym now, it’s a part of our lives, it’s so easy to organise yourselves by booking on the sessions and just turning up. It’s also exciting as there are new things that keep getting added; like DMF Sweat & DMF Stretch – the coaches are always trying new things, there is a new training block every month and i now want to keep the progress i made pre wedding and continue making progress, I still want to play football/golf this year and i still want to reach that moment when i can do a full set of pull ups!

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