So I received a text message from a camper of mine Saturday night asking this question:

“I have a friend who wants to come to Essential Fitness Camp in Eastleigh. He has been cleared to exercise by his GP and wants to come along.”

My first thoughts were that this would be fine and of course we would welcome anyone, no matter what shape or size they are, fitness level that is high or low. So I said yes. Then, I had a better idea.

The person in question, (we are keeping anonymous for now, but will reveal later) is suffering from depression due to the weight, has a few mobility issues regarding sore knees etc.

I asked whether or not he would agree to the following: I train him, three times per week, privately and he lets me write about it here. For free. He agreed. Good man!

So on Sunday afternoon I popped over to his house, the other side of Southampton to meet and greet him. What a nice fella he is. So tall as well, so has stolen my thunder there too. Not happy about that! We sat and talked for an hour about what has motivated him to change, what he enjoys doing, what he doesn’t enjoy doing, his depression and what caused it, finally; his nutrition. Then we practiced some exercises to see what he can and cannot do.

Monday – This was the first day of our man’s change. Meeting me at the playing fields to come and take a PT session was such a huge step, in my opinion the hardest one. Then I made him do a few thousand more on a brisk walk. Effort levels were high!

We did some further body-weight exercises and some more walking, in total for around 30 minutes. He worked up a sweat I can tell you in that rain.

He has since reported to me what he has been eating and he is putting a massive effort in all round so far. It is day 2 and already I am hugely proud of him.

I am excited to see what I can do for him by week 4 and going forward. He is a top lad and has a brilliant attitude.

More to come later!

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