Apologies if this blog is a little garbled and ill-written, I am jet lagged still and wiped out! I have just returned from seeing my amazing family in New York, which I am still recovering from. Amazing really what traveling and time zone differences does to the body.

New York is a fantastic place. The Americans are mad into fitness, their gyms are huge! I crammed in a quick workout with my cousin Jasen, he is one strong fella. He has about 20kgs on me though! All the equipment was bright purple and yellow, they had alarms going off and all sorts. Such a contrast to our gyms. The whole gym was totally friendly and a lot more engaging than the UK in my opinion. One of the powerlifters actually just started to talk to me. That never happens in the UK!

My Aunt, who is an amazing person, is on a serious health kick at the moment. She has purchased Jillian Michael’s home workout DVD’s and nutrition plan. This cost her $150. I looked through it and read the nutrition. It’s very good actually and I totally agree with most of what she is saying.

Having said that, where my Aunt lives, she has about 50 acres of woods backing on to the house. So I decided I would take her down to the ‘Shooting Area’ (love America), to do functional training. We found a fallen tree, some rocks and away we went. Squat Throws, Step Ups, Deadlifts with the rock, Clean and Press, Balancing on the tree and many other exercises I could cram in to a 40 minute session.

The report was – she absolutely loved it, much more fun than sitting in the house with dumbbells and much more hard work! Just goes to show, you can seriously drop fat and lose weight anywhere using anything.

Any who, a huge update – I am now a full-time PT. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I have taken the plunge. I walked in to my job yesterday, after returning from NY and resigned. A big step, however, you have to follow your heart.

I start in the gym next month and I am doing private sessions in the mean time, of course there is Boot Camp too with 37 people this month!

Get involved people and get in contact.

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