Pat has lost 3 dress sizes and 18lb in fat!

What made you start personal training at DMF? 

I started training with DMF. So over the years since I was 14 years old (I didn’t really need to diet then) I have tried many diets, all of which have ended up with me over eating! 40 years of being hungry or feeling over full. None of these diets were sustainable and ended in failure. Even when I was slim I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Two years ago I was the heaviest I’d been in my life and my weight was steadily increasing, I thought it must be my age or a Thyroid issue? I had just finished Herbalife diet which made everything worse, increased weight etc. I hit cardio like a demon, punishing work outs, entered 10k Mud Runs and boot camps. Weight still on the up.

Then I saw Dan Mitchell ad on Facebook. Another promise of help, get stronger lose weight and I could eat chocolate? I thought this must be wrong ? It looked genuine though? So I had a chat with Dan on the phone and afterwards I was reassured enough that this was the right path for me. Totally different approach. I had never before worked with weights. I was a little apprehensive.


Can you describe how you were feeling physically and mentally before coming to DMF?

I felt mentally very low, low self esteem, ugly, not attractive at all, I stopped wanting to look at myself in the mirror. I had no confidence left at all, not just physically anymore but mentally too.

What did you want to achieve with DMF?

To lose weight and to feel respect for myself.

To be strong, to feel strong, to be confident in the way I look and feel. Also to be in control of my diet, my appetite. (I was so very tired of this yo yo diet treadmill). I wanted to have muscle definition, not to be  just slim.

What results have you seen whilst Personal Training with DMF?

So far, I have lost 3 dress sizes, I have lost 18lb , got stronger than I ever thought possible for me, and continue to progress with strength, I have muscle definition and I’m leaner in Arms Legs and Bum . I can’t stop looking at them , I love my results to date , I have received so many compliments Waist and hips so much leaner. Confidence is way higher than I can remember. I am in control of my diet, I’m not deprived of any foods or drinks. I have reached a level of contentment and inner peace. Finally, it’s only taken 40 years of my life!!!


Would you recommend DMF and why?

I would definitely recommend DMF. Dan is genuine, hardworking, honest and down to earth. Dan works tirelessly to help you achieve your goals, inside and outside the gym. Always delivers 100% excellent Training sessions. Lots of encouragement to work hard but always within your own ability. No unrealistic demands .Also the online forum I have found very supportive and helpful. I wish DMF was around for me years ago !




If Pat’s story has inspired you to do the same, get in contact today 🙂

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