Boot Camp PT Whingeing?!

It’s your favourite Boot Camp PT having a cheeky boxing day post!

Were you a good boy or girl this year? Did Father Christmas bring you everything you wanted? Did he chuck in a size-able waist band with it? Did you go to my sunday boot camp the other day, or partaken in any other form of exercise? No? Fair enough in my opinion (to an extent), every one has to live a little sometimes. All work and no play and all that. Turkey is actually good for you, as are the vegetables, potatoes not so much and anyone who has had pork scratching presented to them like me will know that its not good for you. Don’t worry I didn’t eat it, its horrible stuff.

New Year’s Resolutions will shortly be made and they will be mostly health related. I almost guarantee that they will be the same as the last ones you made, 2012, 2011 and as long as you can remember, am I correct? Don’t take it as me being critical, I see it as human nature. I’m not one of those Personal Trainers who think you should live life as a complete hermit and never socialise, eat crap and should be perfect in every way. I think it’s fine to act like a human, give in to temptation and live a little. Indulge over Christmas, have fun, some alcohol bad food and good company. That’s what its for isn’t it, getting a little silly and forgetting all the problems we may encounter throughout the year and not worrying about what we are doing.

I am indulging. A few people who I work closely with will chastise me for saying so, but honestly, I’d rather show who I am and let you know what I’m doing. Beer, chocolate, roast dinners (which I don’t actually like, I’d rather have a pizza!) and whatever else is being presented to me, I am generally consuming. I am also having a little break from exercise until the 29th. Which will be a week! What’s wrong with it? If you’re good pretty much 90% of the year, why shouldn’t enjoy 21st century junk at Christmas?

My bug bear is this. Why do we have seasonal attitudes towards health and fitness? It should be a lifestyle choice, always. 3 months of a year we shouldn’t adopt some ridiculous fad diet that isn’t sustainable and makes you feel utterly terrible by ruining your immune system. “It’s fine, I’m cutting carbs on the 1st,” a personal favourite of mine. “I’m going on the @%£$% Diet in the New Year”. Oh wonderful! Good for you! You’ll feel utterly drained and frustrated after a short period of time and will want to give up. I wouldn’t blame you. Some of these diets are so bad. Message me at any point regarding any of them and I will give you my opinion on any of them happily.

Weight Loss in 2013

We need to exercise 12 months out of the year, and eat in the right way most importantly, otherwise these next 3 months when you feel the most motivated, will be far more difficult.

I am also having a rant about what crap you lot get fed in the media in regards to exercise and fat loss. All the celeb diets that they are all on are largely false. They exercise, a lot. A lemon and water diet will not make your skin look radiant, although it will certainly make you lose weight. You will feel and look terrible. That is a fact.


Boot Camp


The difference between those fads and what we do at our boot camps, is that we encourage a lifestyle change. We give you guaranteed weight and fat loss, vitality, health and a totally new attitude to your personal health. I can show you the way to health and freedom in your body with manageable and simple lifestyle and nutrition choices. Don’t hang about, get involved now. Everyone is going to be on the fitness and health kick come the new year, wanting the magical fat loss formula,  just make sure you choose the right path and get in quick. There are many boot camps available around the country, however with us you get so much value. Nutritional guidance and planning and

We will guarantee you results or your money back, but most importantly, we will guarantee you a change for life. Get your friends and family involved and contact me for potential offers I can give you.

2013 is the new you. Get your arse to Boot Camp with us and make it happen. No excuses! – the best Boot Camp to change you for life.


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