A bit of a self indulgent blog today just because I feel like it basically!

After spending 11 years in IT, something I was never passionate about and just saw as a means to an end, in April after returning from my trip to New York, I just jacked it all in to focus on Essential Fitness Camp. I’ll admit, it was scary at first and sometimes still is. However, I work with some of the most fantastic people, and have had guidance and motivation by one or two in particular who work with me.

Well, nearly 8 weeks later I can safely say I have made the right decision.

As our business grows steadily, we are making real headway in to improving it and ourselves and I am this week in particular, massively proud of what we have done. Essential Fitness Camp has become a National brand and will become bigger and better as we roll on.

Further to this, just 2 weeks ago I was informed that I would be given the opportunity to operate as a PT from Portsmouth’s brand new Pure Gym. I have been training in there for the past two days, learning new things on Spinning and TRX etc, and I have to say I am genuinely excited about the opportunity.

It is purely about gaining experience and knowledge and being around other PT’s every day. Training people is fun for me. I work hard on the Essential Fitness Camps and they do take up a lot of time, but I feel like I am not even working because I love doing it so much.

Stuart is coming along nicely, unfortunately, due to his shoulder being sore from his bout of Jiu Jitsu with his mate last weekend, I am struggling to train him, so he is kind of doing his own thing the last week, keeping me updated. I am sure you will agree we have done amazing to drop him 18lbs (Which I was told off for getting it wrong and telling people it was 17lbs!) in just 4 weeks.

This week, we are doing something slightly different with his training. Will post up what he has done later in the week.

Now I am off to do fun stuff with my daughter Bethany and my nephew Harry. Have a great weekend people.

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