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Fat Loss Christmas Tips to cure Hangovers and Not Pile On the Lbs!

Well its here. The festive period. The time of giving and receiving and getting smashed and eating junk generally. I love Christmas really, other than the weather, it’s the only time of year where everyone appears to be genuinely happy, forgetting all their problems and being together.

I imagine you have all completely broken your wallets (as I have) and purses trying to frantically rush round buying your gifts for loved ones. I also imagine you have been up to the supermarkets investing in a truck load of booze and food to see you through!

Don’t try and hide it!

I am firm believer in letting your hair down and enjoying life to the fullest, as all work and no play makes Dan a dull boy. The purpose of this post, is to not tell you to refrain from alcohol and other little naughties we so like to enjoy around this time, but to help you make the right decisions when you do. Most importantly, not to let you pile on the pounds and gain the horrible layers of christmas fat.

Good eh?!

Christmas Fat Loss Top Tips

First off, I will start with alcohol. It’s the easiest one for me to help you with in my opinion.

  1. Stay away from Beer/Lager/Cider in one tin of 4% lager there are 220 calories on average. If you drink 10 cans, that equates to 2200 calories. Not very helpful when you think that is almost the complete daily total calorie intake for a 70kg man! This will clearly make you fat!
  2. Stick to the Vino – 1-3 glasses of red wine per day actually increase the amount of good cholesterol in your body (HDL) and reduce the amount of bad (LDL)! I’d like to also point out, do you think you can neck 10 glasses of red wine? I doubt it.
  3. Moderation is the key –  the more you drink, the more of a negative effect the alcohol will have on your insulin levels. Insulin is your fat storage hormone. As soon as you feed your body the sugar from the alcohol, insulin will store it in your muscles and it will turn to fat. The more you drink, the more you will gain body fat. Simples.
  4. Eat before you booze! – an empty stomach will actually speed up alcohol absorption in to the blood stream from the intestines. So make sure you stack in some kebabs and pizza before you go out kids. (Just kidding, make it a Low GI and healthy option!)
  5. Hydrate – A pretty obvious one here really. Dehydration is one of the major causes of illness from alcohol consumption and it is taken for granted. Drink a glass of water with each drink and it will soothe your liver somewhat. It might make you feel less attractive to the opposite sex, but you will thank me for it the morning after.

Day After The Night Before

So you’ve been out and smashed down loads of champers and whatever else was free at your in-laws house, to ease your pain and stop you from going insane. The next morning, you’ve wondered just what you’ve said to be in the dog house with the Mrs and your head is pounding. A strong coffee and a cooked breakfast, followed by a pint at The Feathers with your mates sounds like the best thing to cure a hangover now, right?

Wrong Hombre!


The caffeine in your coffee will dehydrate you even more than you already are, due to its diuretic properties, compounding that thump in your already shrivelled brain. We don’t want that do we! Switch to a litre of water! Rehydrate as stated above. This will help sort your liver out. Also, get a cheeky Milk Thistle supplement to regenerate those liver cells.

The grease from breakfast sounds a good idea, but in fact, all that will do is inflame your already crying stomach even further! What you need are anti-oxidizing fruits and vegetables with a good source of protein. Although it sounds gross, a couple of scrambled eggs a side of some mixed berries and a banana will actually sort you out better. Eggs contain Cyesteine, which is a substance that breaks down a toxin called acetaldehyde (the one that causes your hangover people!) The nana’s will give you energy from a natural source, not that high sugared can of coke (or can of FAT as I like to call it) you’ve got your dirty little bloodshot eye’s on!

So that concludes my Alcamahol post, if you would like me to do a post on food related topics for Christmas, I would love to know, via Facebook, or comments below.

Thanks for reading guys!




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