I’ve been lazy. It’s been months since I’ve posted. I apologise! It has been a busy time.

In the last 6 months the goal posts have shifted somewhat and Southampton Fitness has diversified and changed.

No longer working from a budget gym in Portsmouth as a PT amongst all the other ventures, now we are focusing on Training people online and in Southampton. Portsmouth wasn’t working out and it came to an end, Southampton is where it is at for me and the online program’s I’ve been running have been a success of late.

My personal fitness goals have changed. I am training to get myself on a stage and be a competitive natural bodybuilder. I feel that this will give me a great insight in to deeper knowledge of fat loss than I already have and will provide me the ability to train people to do the same. It is becoming a more popular thing, physique modelling as more and more people want that shredded look.

Boot Camp‘s are still going strong, Eastleigh is being run outside at the moment. We’ve really added some good fun activities to speed up results, and in the last month we’ve had a camper with a total of 20″ fat loss off. Amazing I’d say and they should be very proud of themselves.

Shred The Fat is a 2 stage program run through Facebook. I must say how proud of the program I am, the results people have achieved in the 40 days they’ve been training and changing have been absolutely outstanding. Mindset’s have been changed, body’s completely altered for the better for life. Another one should run soon, you can get involved, as I will post the details up on Facebook very soon and through here.

On another note, I thought it would be good to mention that I have been asked by Aviva Health Insurance to write a column in their quarterly magazine. I’m really proud of that, although really apprehensive about what I to write content wise and whether my style is any good! I’d love to know your thoughts!

2 weeks ago, before a wonderful bout of gastroenteritis, I was asked to go in to Aviva and give a talk on nutrition and lifestyle guidance. The questions that came up were the norm, but then they moved on to asking me about their kids and what they should eat and how they could introduce changes. I gave my thoughts and opinions and they were pretty well received, which is fortunate because being a parent myself, parents don’t like being told how to bring up their kids! I certainly hope I didn’t do that!

This is a reintroduction post from me, as I’ve been training hard myself and working hard on projects, I’ve let this side of things go a little, but no more! Back in the blogging game!

Any questions please ask below.

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