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Our wonderful client Janette, or Janizzle as I call her has been with us for a while.

She’s got some wonderful results.

However, she’s got a knee injury we work around.

I don’t train Janizzle in person, but we chat on skype and messages/phone regularly.

She lives in Wales (the poor mite) and I live in Southampton (lovely).

The best thing about my relationship with her is that she listens to me and trusts me.

Its a privilege really.

Something I’ve been moaning at her about for quite some time now is the difference in shoulder height as you will see in the picture here.

Pretty big difference!


Now, we’re Personal Trainers.

We’re not allowed to diagnose or treat.

What we do at DMF is try and provide solutions to problems.

Janizzle wanted muscle gains.

What she NEEDED is to see a reputable physio.

So after a bit of persuasion she is seeing one!

The physio has reported back that if she’d have left it another 12 months, she’d be running into serious issues.

I’m very relieved.

She’s also got muscle gains, because, well we have to deliver!

The point of this post?

Get a good PT that will have a decent network around them.

I use a really awesome physio about 20 miles away for all my local clients, because he’s really good.

He also works with me and provides a proper REHAB program.

Any practitioner that doesn’t, is just taking your money.

If you’re injured or have a musculoskeletal issue, then seek professional advice from a good, well known physiotherapist.


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