Well what can I say? We have been busy changing people’s lifestyles and bodies!

In the previous 12 weeks you will have read about Stuart Cocks. He has done so well, 44lbs in a little over 3 months now, even allowing some time off for a minor procedure on his foot and a little trip to a festival! Stu has changed drastically. Even his face looks different! Full of energy always, smiling and constantly taking the mickey out of me! I am receiving updates from him regarding what and when he eats, he has homework from me to ensure he is mixing his food up and eating as clean as possible. His dedication shows how much he really wants this. It’s truly awe inspiring. Below are the before and after pictures. I am by no means finished yet, but you can see the differences there.

I have been training a friend of Stu’s, called Anthony. He has done equally well. The man works more than anyone I know, (even me!) and is a dedicated family man. He has now dropped 24lbs in just 8 weeks and again he seems a totally different person. Ant and Stu occasionally train together, which is great because it gives them both a bit of a push and also an opportunity to gang up on me. Every time that happens, they just get worked a little bit harder!

All my other clients in terms of Personal Training, are doing amazingly well! I think what I love the most is the girls attitudes to training Liz and Shelley in particular. They push themselves really hard and now they are wanting to get strong and lift weights. I think this is brilliant. The common misconception of lifting weights that women have is that they will get big and muscly, which they don’t want. It’s not really possible for a woman to get big because they don’t have enough testosterone, which is the hormone that enables men to pack on muscle. Also, Jodie Marsh, who is a natural bodybuilder, eats approximately 17 times a day when carb loading for a competition and she isn’t even that big.

Essential Fitness Camp. We have been developing this for some time now and I really feel we are going places. Portsmouth has a camp starting at the end of September, with Patrick heading it up. Should be exciting. Harrow and Wealdstone, Edinburgh and Cardiff are also new camps.

Southampton and Eastleigh got together on Bank Holiday Monday (Stu attended!) and had a huge camp. It was really fun as we introduced some silly games and some fun punishments for the losers! My personal campers made me extremely proud to train them. Their results are always phenomenal and I am proud to be a part of it.

If you know of any trainers in your area, that would like an opportunity to run their own camp and be part of something special, get in contact with me. We require dedicated and passionate trainers only.

If you want to come and change your life for the better with us, get in contact with one of our trainers. Essential Fitness CampImageImage.

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