Good morning fat loss fans!

This post is brought to you with positivity and energy this morning, I’ve just consumed an omelette with spinach and green beans, with a cheeky little black coffee which I allow myself one of in the morning’s to get me started.

Being in the Health and Fitness Industry I am surrounded by like minded individuals and people who want the best possible help to get their bodies where they want them to be. Don’t we all!? The industry is a total minefield of contradictions and different opinions on what is the best way to exercise and what we should be eating day in, day out.

Frequently, people head to the treadmills and run for hours on end for a few months then totally give up. I see the treadmill as a perfect analogy of itself. You run and run and you never get anywhere! Funny that.

If I said I could give you a fat destroying exercise program that would take up 15 minutes of your time every day, would you believe me? Probably not, because we have had it drummed in to us for years and years what we should or shouldn’t be doing by our government and the ever so trust worthy media. Just a quick note, I definitely can do it!

The next thing I want to address is food. Food controls us, more so than you think. What you put into your body is the very thing that fuels our energy systems, and if it is not the right foods then we put on weight.

What I see is people’s lack of willing to change their attitudes towards foods and think they can exercise off that poor diet. I promise you, you absolutely cannot do this! I’ve tried!

The most frequent response to me I get is, “Dan, I haven’t got time to prepare scrambled egg!”

Really!? It takes about 2.5 minutes to prepare scrambled egg and green beans! It would take probably about 1 minute to prepare a bowl of cereal (my least favourite 3 words ever “bowl of cereal”), I am of course assuming as I haven’t had cereal for quite some time.

My advice is always the same to them. “Please just give it a go. Cut the cereal grains, refined carbs, processed foods, sugars, bread and pasta and all the other junk that we believe to be good and see what happens, what have you got to lose?”

When they do, the results come rolling in and they feel a million times better.

Oh, and save money too!

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