Trying to build muscle or lose fat?

If so, there’s a few things you might be missing that we do at DMF, to get the results you desperately want.

Did you know, that if you’re trying to lose fat, or build muscle, you should be training the same way.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to get the best out of your training.

The way we train people at DMF is exactly like this. It’s about the following factors:


Ultimately, all our coaches at DMF have been where the average gym goer is now.

Walk in to the gym, do a bit on the cross trainer, the rower, the treadmill then go home.

Or perhaps, you might walk in, do some bench press, some pull downs, some arms and then do some cardio.

Either way, the population of many gyms are the same as each other, but what they all share in common, are the lack of quality results in a decent time frame.

Training Programmes that are structured, progressive, planned, results orientated and hit all the movement patterns our bodies need are the best way to progress.

You can look back and view your progress. See where you need to improve.

You can visibly see your improvements and plan for the future.

They iron out any imbalances that the body might have.

The individual can then reach goals in the quickest time possible.


Whilst results are extremely important, so is enjoyment.

For example, if you said to me today, “Dan, you need to run 10 miles 3 x per week to get in great shape”

I’d do it, but I’d absolutely hate it, probably giving up along the way somewhere.

Running to me is monotonous, painful and just plain hard.

You’re more likely to stick to something if you enjoy it and look forwards to going.

Variation is important, but too much variation and results are limited.

That’s why our members are told to just turn up, they always leave with a smile on their face, no matter if they couldn’t be bothered before!

Ticking the Fitness Boxes

What on earth are you on about Dan?

Well, at DMF, we’ve got guys who are 23 wanting to get bigger chests and be fitter.

We’ve got ladies who want to lose weight and stop going to Slimming World.

It’s a real mixed bag.

They say you can’t provide for everyone.

We disagree, so far, its worked out pretty well!

The Fitness Boxes we want to tick are:

Can you do this all at once?

Yes you can and probably should.

In my 20’s all I wanted was a 6 pack. When I got it, I didn’t realise how immobile I was.

Now at 36, I focus heavily on that and our members like the fact they can all move better and have reduced pain.


The Body is a pretty amazing thing.

It can do some pretty awesome stuff, stuff you can’t even imagine it could do, at the moment.

However, with the right approach, chin ups, squats, press ups and much more come far more easily.

I like the analogy I made up of the Human Body:

“You can’t drive a car round in 2nd gear all the time, on the motorway, to the shops etc, it’ll break far more frequently. You have to use the gears and listen to the engine. It’ll last a lot longer and the journey will be smoother.”

What this means is, you have to learn when to push in training and when to back off.

You cannot and should not flog yourself senseless every single time you walk in the gym.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t work hard.

However, knowing when its good to go heavy and hard and when to just go and get a sweat on is key to long term success.

We think, whilst we’re not perfect, we’ve got the above ideas pretty sewn up at DMF.

How do you train?

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