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This post is about meal replacement shakes and supplements that help you lose weight and my opinions on them.

I’ve seen so many people recently sign up to a lot of these nutrition experts meal replacement program’s and I have to say it worries me. It worries me because of two reasons, the first is that people are looking for an easy option to lose weight/fat and get results, rather than going for the healthy option of eating correctly and taking up exercise. The other reason is the damned money they are prepared to waste on this stuff.

I will admit to having signed up to distribute Herbalife products a few moons ago. I paid a fair whack of cash to be involved in it, as I believed it was a good option to have another source of income as a trainer and also a great option for my clients to know what they are getting is good. I was wrong! So so wrong!

Herbalife’s products are absolutely terrible. They have only one meal replacement shake that doesn’t contain sugar. 1 product! That’s insane! They have so many different products, promoting healthy weight loss, and yet they are stacked with simple sugars, the very thing that makes people fat in the first place! The price of Herbalife is an absolute joke also. When I sold my first batch of the protein, I had to explain to my clients all of this, and then straight after that, I stopped selling it completely. I packed up after 7 days. I would never recommend a client have something that I wouldn’t take myself. It’s a great big con!

Their multivitamins are terribly overpriced. I list only these two products because they were the only two I could potentially have even sold!

The next up is this Body by Vi. It’s certainly quite new to the UK and I see it popping up in the feed of Facebook and Twitter every now and again. Now I’ve spoken to some top Fit Pro’s about this as soon as it hit the shores from the USA. Their opinion was stay away! A close friend of mine told me he had signed up to it, I did recommend against it, but he’s a strong minded lad and has lots of Fit Pro friends and he decided to make his own mind up. Totally fair enough. He got the pack after paying for it, and promptly sent it straight back.

You see, these meal replacement shakes are high protein content with other extra contents to help you lose weight/gain muscle depending on your goal. Body by Vi’s protein content is around about 12g per sachet. That’s pathetic. You can buy a top quality Whey Protein Isolate with 75 servings in it, for half the price, which has BCAA’s and Glutamine built in! We aren’t talking bodybuilding here, we’re talking anyone who wants to lose weight.

The bottom line with all of these gimmicks, such as Lighter Life, Herbalife and Body by Vi are you’re getting ripped off, and becoming more unhealthy with it. You’re lacking the nutrients and vital vitamins you’d usually get from proper FOOD!

Supplements are great, I take a lot of them. However, the clue is in the name. Its a supplement.

My advice is simple, you want to lose weight/gain muscle, bin off the gimmicky crap, get some decent food, start exercising. Stop falling for crap gimmicks!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel the same exact way about these type of products and it’s nice to know someone else agrees. I feel like many people just want quick results and won’t put in the time to achieve long-term results. Patience is key when it comes to losing weight and progress. Thanks for your opinion. Keep doing what you are doing!

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