On how your physique completely messes with your mind.

Great blog from Lucy Glover regarding her experience with being super lean, how your relationship with your body & should be so much more than that.


Okay….here goes…


I’m rubbish at blogging.


I may need to add but this is what I started.


This was my physique a year ago…

I was looking through pictures last night and came across this one.

Grim made a comment along the lines of – “you’re not far from that now”

^^^^^ this got me upset

Not for reasons that you’d think though.

I wasn’t upset because I don’t look like that anymore. I’m far from having that kind of physical appearance but that’s not a bad thing – it’s not a bad thing in my eyes.

It upset me because I’ve come so so far since that picture and having that physique but most of all I’ve come so far from having that mind set I had when this picture was taken.

When that picture was taken I was about a month out from my first body fitness competition with the ukbff.

What this picture doesn’t tell you is how miserable I was.

I was binging and purging my way through contest prep.

My training was brutal because my body wasn’t recovering from lack of food.

20140925_212929I was weak.

I hated training (that’s so not me)

My relationship with food was becoming more and more disordered again after so long fighting to get it on track.

I hated my body.

I was unhappy.

I was suffering bad depression and mood swings.

I was full of anxiety.

I wasn’t sleeping.

My health was deteriorating fast.

This picture may show how great I was looking but for me this is far from health.

It’s even further from happiness.

I’m so much prouder of the body I have right now and the strength and health I’ve got from building a good relationship with food and enjoying my training.

I may not have abs. I’m not contest lean. I’m not really lean at all.

I’m fluffy.

I’m strong.

I’m kind of healthy 😉 ha

But most importantly I’m happy and I’m damn proud of my body and appreciate it.

I think some times we need to know more then just what a picture shows us.

Having a great physique is great if that’s what your goals need you to have but if your goals are for health and happiness don’t always believe that chasing a great physique will equal this.

Stop putting some much emphasis on your happiness being based on how you look, how lean you are or if you have abs.

It’s not always about how we look in a mirror or on photos. It’s about appreciating ourselves as a whole for who we are and how are our body image is at any stage in our journey.


You can find Lucy on the below link!


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