Fad Diets and Calorie Counting

This could be considered a bit of a rant really, but its factually based so please be patient with me.

A calorie controlled diet, means you are constantly watching what you eat on a regular basis. Fine. However, if you are reducing your calories, generally you are reducing your food intake right? So then what happens? You get hungry.

Our minds are programmed to tell you to eat high sugar foods when hungry. Brain activity has been studied under these conditions, and it has been proved that you will crave sugary foods. So that is one reason why it fails.

If you become hungry, hormonal changes in your body affect your moods and how your body functions. You lose energy, become moody and get tired. Why would you want to do that? You will end up just wanting to eat again.

Think of this. 1500 calories worth of sweets vs 1500 calories worth of vegetables. They are both exactly the same right? Really? I don’t think so. There’s no sugar in broccoli is there. Shed loads in the sweets though!

Its basic common sense. Calorie based diets don’t work and that is why.

I’m definitely going to have to get to work on the ‘Dukan’ diet and its ridiculous ‘attack phase’ at some point soon. I’ll leave for another day.

Being a Personal Trainer, I get all sorts of questions regarding diets and I regularly hear friends and family discussing amongst themselves what new ridiculous fad diet or meal plan that they are eating and it frightens me. Genuinely. “Oh I cant eat any fruit whatsoever, because its got sugar in it”. REALLY!

I love Weight Watchers and what they consider to be a healthy nutrition plan. You eat 2 slices of toast all day, which is half a point, and then you can neck 15 chocolate bars and 2 bottles of Merlot and there is your 25 points for the day. Brilliant!

Next blog will be a little more informative and exercise based and hopefully a little less rant-like!

Rant over, happy Saturday!

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