Member Testimonial

Sandra has been with us since February and has achieved some pretty brilliant things!

Here’s what she has to say 🙂

“Since joining DMF – I wish I could see myself again 3 months ago, trying to squat or even get on or up from the floor.  The difference between now and then is massive.  I am fitter, happier, mentally stronger and not only are my legs stronger, I see a definite improvement in my upper body strength and my arms seem to be a better shape.

I like that the routines (blocks) are changed up every so often and this keeps it interesting, it is clearly well thought through and prepared by the team.  The hour literally flies past, I’m not clock watching or wishing it was over so I could get home.  I actually enjoy DOING the exercise and feel that I am doing the exercises properly.  So much so that on a recent holiday, I used a gym and did the warm up and some weights and felt confident doing so.  I also like that there is a facebook group and lots of nutritional information.  This is something I have started to take on board recently – there was a lot to take in at the start as I was just concentrating on my injury and felt nervous about doing exercise but now I am beginning to see and understand how what you eat and drink can affect how well you train.

Everyone is supportive and friendly.  I like that it is not all skinny 20 somethings, there is a real mix of age, sex and backgrounds.  I like that people help each other by taking the weights on and off, little things like that.  I actually like that it is quite regimented and ‘shouty’ sometimes as that suits my style and don’t really mind being told what to do!

Having friendly non judgemental people there helps and I feel like I can be myself too!”

Epic stuff from another one of our awesome Team Members 🙂

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