Definition: ‘The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.’

I have been hammered this week with consistent updates from many people, whether friends, family or acquaintances/clients about the diets that they are going on or have been on. They all seem to be a common theme really and I have to say that I am quite worried about it really.

We seem to be taught that everything in moderation is fine, however, really I believe that these diets are awful. ‘Attack phases’ where you can’t eat fruit? Does that sounds normal to you? Not me. Fruit and vegetables should be the majority of every single human being’s diet. Cutting out carbs completely, oh how perfectly natural this sounds.

My personal opinion on this whole diet debacle is that people are generally uneducated correctly and are too keen for a quick fix, so that they can return back to old eating habits after some dramatic and unhealthy weight loss. This needs to change as soon as physically possible.

As the definition quite clearly states above, diet is the way we are supposed to eat. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Simple as that.

More often that not I hear people tell me that healthy food is really boring and they don’t find it interesting. Well make it interesting!

Essential Foods Diet has a downloadable recipe book with 60+ stunning recipes to make foods interesting and I also have about 150 more recipes that I prescribe. I think its all just excuses that people will look for. ‘I won’t eat this, I can’t eat that, I’ve never tried this’. Etc etc.

How will you know if you never try something? I used to dislike fish, until I tried to make things a little more interesting. Now I love the stuff. You have to give it a go. If you want to change, small sacrifices have to be made here and there. That is what we are here for though, to help you through those small changes and get you where you need to be.

Client update, Stuart is now at 37lbs in 9 weeks gone. Boom. Exciting times! Looking at the before and after photos actually made me feel extremely proud. It’s not just the weight loss that is impressive to me, its his whole attitude to live in general. I can see such a massive difference in Stu’s personality, he is actually giving a bit of backchat and banter and me a bit of stick every now and again, which is great.

Antony is Stu’s mate. I’ve been training him now for just over 2 weeks and he has an equally impressive 12lbs to his name. Antony is loving his training even though he complains during it, I know he is buzzing from the results. He won’t tell me that, as he says I torture him a bit!

Essential Fitness Camp is rolling on, campers are getting some good results this month as always. Southampton has a great crowd of people and they are getting fitter quickly and are now enjoying a small amount of banter at last! Eastleigh is ticking over nicely, we had a great little get together Friday evening where I treated my campers to a round of orange juice.

We have 3 new camps starting in the south and 1 in the north in the coming weeks. Portsmouth, Harrow & Wealdstone and Cardiff in the south and Bramley in Yorkshire. Get in contact with me on for more details.

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