My weight loss Journey.


So January 2016 I changed my lifestyle and semi tracked my food and trained in my home gym around 3 times a wk. On top of that I walked the school run which ran up around 15 miles per wk. 6 months down the line I had lost some weight, gained some muscle and felt pretty good. The thing that was holding me back was my alcohol intake.

My holiday break with the family came and went. I was grateful that it was at the beginning of the school holidays because I solely concentrated on the kids being kept busy rather than training, then the evenings where mine, with WINE. Needless to say the weight crept back on.

Fast forward to the kids being back at school and slowly I got back into training, but still drinking too much. November came and this brought with it my teenage daughter who had left the family home a year before. All training was put on hold while my daughter and I worked on our relationship.

Hello December, and ALL the food!!! So for most of 2016 I was reasonably restrictive when it came to my food. I had a good idea of what I could eat and keep within my calories when I wanted that wine. BUT December was here and so was my big girl and I decided that I would eat and drink WHATEVER I wanted and come January I would deal with “it”. So I did! Bacon sarnies, BIG dinners, and then cheese with crackers, washed down with red wine and of course Kettle Crisps because it just works right? Oh and chocolate, don’t forget the chocolate, because you can’t have cheese and crackers without finishing off with something sweet.

January arrived and I was literally sick to death of food and wine. I stepped on the scales and although I felt a little gutted because it was the heaviest I had been in ages it was my “f’ck it” attitude that got me there so I had to deal with it. I wrote down a few goals that I wanted to achieve before my birthday in March (25th).

  1. Lose 7lbs
  2. Deadlift 60kg 5×5
  3. Squat 30kg 5×5
  4. 2 full pull ups

I didn’t want to set anything unrealistic so I gave myself sensible goals. I started tracking all my foods, even weighing stuff, I was changed, I never thought you would catch me weighing my food. I was also surprised how easily I could live without wine. My sleep was improved and so were my moods. Getting up at the weekend to do a workout was easy!

More to come from Becky in Part 2 later this week!

Coach Dan


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