Keep it Cheap!

I can’t tell you how many people complain to me that they find it really expensive to eat the foods necessary to get more muscle or support their training.

I’ll be honest, it can be quite difficult.

Most people recommend Grass Fed meat, and organic free range vegetables etc, and yeah, that is probably the BEST types of foods you can eat for optimal health and gaining muscle.

Most people can’t afford that though. It’s like a 40% increase on their shopping bill, and they get hacked off with it. I get that, so this post is going to show you how you can do it for a lot cheaper.


No, not the classic bodybuilder bulk up by consuming as much food as humanly possible, I mean buy in bulk.

Costco/Makro do packs of 5kg Chicken breasts for around £30. That’s a lotta proteins right there.

Alternatively, local butchers will do you a big fat deal if you buy in bulk, and the meat is top quality. £25 for 5kg we pay at our local farm shop.

More Chicken?
More Chicken?

For meat, you can get online too.

The two we use for GAINS are as follows:

Protein Foods Direct


They do bundles on meat, and 5kg of chicken from PFD is £19. That’s right, £19.

I’ve ordered from both, and personally, I think they are both great. The steaks are great.


Eggs. A staple part of any diet really.

You can buy 180 from Asda for about £18. Tesco slightly more. That should last you a couple of weeks 🙂

Oats. Massive bags of 2kg of oats are dirt cheap at about 1-2 quid.

International foods shops do 25kg of Basmati Rice for absolute pocket money. So 200g per serving goes a really long way!


Protein Shakes

Look for deals on places like Muscle Supermarket – they do the hard work of searching for the best protein deals for you.


I always recommend a Whey Isolate, as I get a bit of a bad gut from the cheaper protein powders which appear to have more lactose. The problem with Isolate is that because the process of creating it is more intensive, it costs a lot more, so the price is higher.

When you want to save ££ this site can really help.


I recommend getting off your butt cheeks and heading to a local farm shop or local greengrocer.

The quality is better and you get bigger veggies, which would indicate to me they’ve been grown in a better environment.

If on a budget, get yourself to Asda/Lidl and whack a load of veggies in the trolley. Dirt cheap from there.


So there you have it.

A simple way of shopping, that keeps it nice and cheap.

Our shopping bill is £75 a week for two of us, and I think we do alright.

I always feel you can shop on the cheap if you just spend a bit of time researching, now you don’t even have to research!

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