As a few of you might be aware, I have had the very fortunate position of late to be coaching Becci, my girlfriend who is an aspiring Fitness/Bikini Model.

I met Becci in March last year when she attended Eastleigh Boot Camp. She was an enthusiastic and excitable, if not wary and tentative camper in her first few sessions. The workouts were hard, the nutrition was different and we were in a hot little box room with 20 other people jammed in.

However, after these first few sessions, she was soon smashing it and nailing the nutrition each week. I didn’t even have to coach her, she was precise and even had at that point stopped going out and drinking etc. Big step I think.

As the months went on within Boot Camp, I could see she was going places physique wise. She’d dropped 2 sizes in 2 months (which isn’t unusual of course), but the most noticeable difference was her desire to improve constantly. Becci at this point asked me if I could teach her to lift weights with her friend Anna. I of course think that every one should perform resistance training of some sort, due to the untold health benefits (will go in to that later), so I put a program together and off they went.

The first PT session went well, I instructed them both on how to perform deadlifts, which to be honest, took some time, then squats with weight and from there the rest of the main lifts.

After a couple of PT sessions they went on their way and continued with the plan I’d set.

Fast forward around 12 months, Becci has completely transformed. She trains on her own, I work her nutrition out for her and her training plan meticulously and she has entered in to Miss Galaxy Universe, a Bikini Modelling competition.

Now, I know most people think that these girls are skinny and that lifting weight is bad for you. I can tell you, its absolutely not. If done properly the health benefits are as follows:

Decreases Blood Pressure & Improves Heart Function

Prevents Disease (diabetes and cancer etc)

Improves Hormone Functionality

Increase Metabolism


Becci came in 6 weeks before competition at less than 12% body fat, (less than me ha!) and is now lower than that. She is entering in the Bikini Diva category and I think she will do brilliantly. No matter where she comes, she can be utterly proud of what she has achieved in the last 12 months, it is really something to behold.

Be sure to keep up with her progress on her blog, as she will be making consistent blog posts on this site.


Here you can see the transformation of Becci :bognor2Rebecca Before

Before we started training

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