This is a blog from our online client Angi.

She came to DMF a couple of years ago now after seeing the way we work with people.

Having had pretty rough experiences with food and her body, also with Personal Trainers who forced her on to ridiculous regimes and unnecessary supplements costing hundreds and hundreds of pounds, this wasn’t going to be an overnight six pack job.

There were lots of factors to work on, like eating habits, guilt, associations of negativity to certain types of food and to reduce total amount of training (it was flat out crazy the amount of times she was training).

This is something I have super proud of – Angi did an amazing job and has become a fantastic Personal Trainer herself – I will link her pages below.


Here’s her blog about how she got weight loss finally, losing 20lbs in the process, gaining the figure she desired in the process.

All whilst improving her habits with food on the way.

ANGI’S Story

With the Christmas Season on the horizon I can almost smell those pigs in blankets ?, excited much…???

▪But what makes me really quite excited at this time of year is the January goal setting hype! I actually love re-setting my goals, evaluating what I have achieved this year and what I want to achieve next year, I really find it quite fun and I don’t see anything wrong with it!

▪Many moons ago I would set goals like this…

“I’m giving up carbs”

“I’m giving up dairy”

“I’m not going to eat past 6pm”

“I’m not going to have a rest day”

“I’m giving up sugar”

Sound familiar???

▪ I thought it would be a good time to share what my “1st long term – flexible dieting – calorie controlled – I’m doing this the slow and steady way” transformation looked like.

I ‘dieted’ for 9 months but it looked very different to the normal diet I had done before…in fact the very opposite to what I had done before…

??I ate all of the foods I liked

??I ate at any time that suited me

??I still ate junk food sometimes when I fancied it

??I was exercising just 3/4 times a week

??I was consistent, I’d never been consistent for longer that 3 weeks prior to that

??I built a better relationship with myself and my food binges stopped

??I continued to keep losing weight, a few pounds a month

?? I lost around 20lbs over 9 months in total and I’ve never seen that 20lbs again…

✋?Stop and think, before you decide on what you’re going to ditch in the new year, think about the long term outcome of that choice ✋?

??Is ditching the short term diet and restriction actually the best resolution you could ever make??!!??


Timeline of journey


















Pretty good I think personally.

Now she is maintaining this physique whilst enjoying foods she would have demonised in the past.

That’s a huge win to me.

She’s strong, fit, lean and happier than she was before, yo-yo dieting consistently and repeatedly.

It wasn’t overnight, but it sure was successful.

Habits can take time to change, people always want to rush things too quick.

When they hit a hurdle they find difficult to overcome, rather than trying to work out a way of jumping the hurdle, the hurdle fells them and they give up.

A better way to do things is to not give up and just go again if “failure” happens.

Looking at things from another perspective, a dietary “failure” is just usually someone eating a bar of chocolate or something trivial like that, in reality its just food and 450kcals or whatever makes no difference in the long run.

This is important to learn, like Angi did, as that leads to a longer term outlook on your body, rather than the instant fix most people seek.

You see, instant fixes ARE achievable for some.

However, if that person has a poor relationship with food, doesn’t understand nutrition, binges, restricts, exercises too much – giving them a quick fix is quite frankly irresponsible.


If you want to follow Angi, she’s really active on instagram – @getpeachy


Here is her Facebook page: Angi Pilika Fitness

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