Weight Loss or More?

So its the New Year. Which means what? Resolutions of course! Top 3 resolutions? 1. Lose Weight. 2. Quit smoking. 3. Stop drinking for a month.

You know what? I’m not going to stop having the odd glass of wine. I am doing something much, more than this. This post is something that has been building inside me for a very, very long time. Writing it is very difficult and I would like to say embarrassing, however, I am not embarrassed.

I drink too much.

There, I said it. I do. I drink far too much. I don’t mean binge drinking. I do that too, but the issue is far deeper than this. I didn’t just save up on the weekend and then smash a shedload of alcohol down my neck, then detox for a week and do it all again the following. In fact, I wish I did do that before.

No sir-ee Bob. I drank too much, all week. I worked in a stressful job, long hours including a 100 mile commute into London, with a stressful situation in terms of home life. I have a tempestuous relationship with the mother of my wonderful child which causes me no end of stress. Money stressed me out, or lack of it rather. My lack of passion for my career stressed me out. Problems in the house stressed me out. You name it, I stressed about it.

How did I deal with it? ALCOHOL.

I know, I know, how can I possibly be a good trainer if I drank my problems away? I’m not saying I hammered down a bottle of vodka every day, because I definitely didn’t. We are talking a few beers or wines. However, it was EVERY day.

Does this ring a bell? I’m sure with quite a few it probably does.

It made me feel like absolute shit. For years. I’m talking 10 years. This wasn’t a short fad that I developed. I had a stressful life and I chose alcohol to help that.

I’ve changed. Before 2013 kicked in, I made the personal choice to change for good. I don’t want to feel sleepy and lacking in energy, moody, fed up, wanting a beer as soon as I get home, hungry as soon as I wake.

I want to wake up, feel that loving life vitality feeling that you get when you are excited about going on holiday, or its your daughters birthday and you cannot wait to give her her presents. Perhaps you are watching your team in the cup final, or you are bungee jumping. Whatever it is that gets you going. I was crap for 10 years and that’s the effing reason.

I’ve changed that part of my life. I still enjoy wine. I still enjoy beer (although as I get older not as much as before), I do enjoy my Jamaican Rum too. However, I have made a lifestyle change.

Alcohol is a part of nutrition. Nutrition is cellular. This is what makes you function.

What do you want?

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