Yes that is right, our man Stuart is now 16lbs lighter than he was when he started with me just over 3 weeks ago. How good is that?

I’ve been pushing Stuart particularly hard this week and last as I have monitored his fitness levels, and they have increased massively. His effort levels have increased with me pushing him as hard as he can go and changing his exercises up to keep him interested. He tells me that he is still interested, but I do occasionally see a raised eyebrow or two from him!

Each set of exercise is now increased to 2 minutes per set of bodyweight exercise, including squats and press ups etc but other more interesting exercises including throwing logs in the woods. Might sound ridiculous to some, but you just ask Stuart and other people I put through their paces out side in the woods, they love it.

When Stu started with me he struggled to do 10 squats in total. Now he is smashing out 25 squats per minute, 3 sets. That is not all we do, we rack up about 25 minutes total resistance work and further cardio with walking and boxing.

Stu has had a little blip in terms of alcohol, he had a night out Monday. I am a little bit glad he did, as he deserves a reward for his amazing attitude towards what he is doing. It is impossible to ask someone to completely change their lifestyle and what they eat etc and then restrict them from having any source of fun. Whilst it does hinder progress, a few drinks in 3 weeks on one night, I won’t be telling him off for.

He is doing me and himself proud.

In other news, Essential Fitness Camp is getting bigger. Southampton started out with 50 people this week attending my camp there. We get insane results, 10.5 inches off of one of our campers last month. Eastleigh camp still has spots. Get involved, and get similar results to Stuart and our campers.

Alternatively, I can provide you consultations and exercise for the best fat loss/weight loss in Southampton. Stuart and my other campers can verify it!

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